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7 Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Out Of Whack

When your blood sugar is not stabilized, it can affect every aspect of your daily life. Your organs, emotions, and mental state can be impacted. There are many tell-tale signs that your blood sugar is out of balance. Here are just a few of the top indicators.

1. You feel “off” if you haven’t eaten recently.

A typical diet should include three healthy meals per day, as well as two small snacks. If you are eating this amount and feel disoriented between meals, your blood sugar could be dangerously high or low.

2. You’re gaining weight around your mid-section.

Insulin resistance is a common cause of weight gain in the stomach area. An increase in insulin levels due to the inability to process carbohydrates can lead to the creation of excess fat.

3. You have a massive sweet tooth.

Refined sugars are acceptable in moderation, but a constant craving for sugar is not normal. The body craves sugar in response to a drop in glucose levels which is an early warning sign of Type 2 diabetes.

4. You feel sluggish or tired in the afternoon.

Continually feeling tired to the point of needing a daily nap could be a sign of low blood sugar. An over production of insulin can lead to periods of extreme fatigue.

5. You have difficulty sleeping at night.

Fluctuating blood sugar levels can wreak havoc on the body and make it difficult to sleep at night. Those with Type 2 diabetes are at higher risk of developing sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and other sleep disorders.

6. You suffer from anxiety or depression for no apparent reason.

Insulin resistance and fluctuating blood sugar levels can greatly affect your mood. Low blood sugar can cause irritability, anxiousness, and depression.

7. You have fasting blood sugar levels over 100 mg/dL.

A normal fasting blood glucose range is between 70-100 mg/dL. A level of 100-125 mg/dL is an indicator of pre-diabetes. Anything higher than 126 mg/dL means you are diabetic.

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