Wow,Innoson Motors is doing it again,With the introduction of Fox Sedan and Amazon car brands by the Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Company into the Nigerian and West African markets recently, Nigeria has made history as the first country in the sub-Saharan Africa to manufacture the continent's first indigenous cars.

With the introduction of Fox Sedan and Amazon car brands by the Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Company into the Nigerian and West African markets, with a price range from

 N500,000, N1million to N3million, Nigeria has joined the elite club of motor manufacturing countries like the United States and Japan.

“The company also provides good services for repairs and parts supply. All these actions are engineered to meet the customers' special requests, attain the highest possible performance and safety standards and also make the vehicles suitable for the West African market.”

There are also strong indications that in no distant time, IVM would start exporting its passenger cars to West African countries like Republic of Benin and Ghana among others. Already, plans are underway to roll out the new brands from the company’s plant in Nnewi.
It should be noted that IVM was commissioned by President Goodluck Jonathan, whose administration, obviously, has worked assiduously to improve the country’s motor manufacturing industry.
According to an Abuja resident, Chukwudi E nekwechi who has followed the implementation of the new auto-policy of the government, Nigerians are in for a better days.

He said: “This innovation of introducing affordable new cars is commendable considering the problems of environmental pollution which fairly used cars pose to our society. The health hazards inherent in the gaseous emissions of fairly used cars in Nigeria are obviously uncountable, but the most notable, according to health experts is cancer of the lung. Therefore, government’s plan to gradually prohibit the importation of fairly used vehicles or what we know as “Tokunbo” will not only aid the survival of local auto manufacturing companies like INNOSON, but will help to reduce the perilous impact of hazardous environmental pollution.”

“Agreeably, different countries are notable with car brands as exemplified above and these brands represent the image of those countries. In Nigeria, it is gratifying that Innoson has chosen to make the nation proud by initiating moves to start exporting Nigeria’s brand to neighboring African Countries like Ghana, Benin Republic, Sierra leone. 

With a long term vision to assist Nigerians drive brand new cars, Innocent has always been at the forefront of manufacturing wholly made in Nigeria brands. During the motorcycle boom, he was one of the first persons who started to manufacture new motorcycles in the country at a cheaper rate, compared to the imported fairly used.

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