Man keep thyself clean

One day I took a friend to see a senior colleague, as we stepped into the sitting room everyone began to shift and pull their faces because of the odour from the socking my friend wore in the sitting room. There is nothing worse than taking off your shoes to try a new pair in the store, and notice the patrons in the store shifting. Fortunately, though there are a few remedies you can do at home to minimize and sometimes completely remove foot odour.

Make sure you always wash your feet thoroughly. A lot of people neglect scrubbing their feet in the shower or bath. You should scrub with an antibacterial soap and use a soft brush, clean the spaces in between your toes as well. Take time to dry your feet as well before slipping them into your socks or shoe. If you have sweaty feet ensuring that your feet are dry before putting them into your socks will make a big difference. There are foot deodorants available in the local supermarkets.

Powdering your feet and toes after showering can also help. I would recommend baby powder. This option is best suited for those who choose not to wear socks or socking with their shoes, making them more susceptible to sweating as air can flow freely.

That brings me to types of shoes. It is observed that genuine leather is always the best to go for if you have smelly feet because these allow free ventilation unlike synthetic materials. Experts have also observed that the socks you wear can also contribute to sweaty feet. We encourage socks made of natural fibers such as 100% pure cotton. If you play sports change your socks before and after playing or engaging in such physical activity.

If you have done all that and more to prevent odour from sweaty foot and you have not succeeded you can try any of these: You could soak your feet in bicarbonate of soda mixed with water for a few minutes. This chemical makes the foot more acidic than it usually is preventing the odour produced by your feet. Vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar is another natural remedy that increases the acidity of the feet preventing odour. Tanoan, an ingredient found in tea is a well known agent. Try soaking your feet in a solution consisting of give lowed teabags and water. This solution can help reduce the level of sweat produced by your feet. Stress and anxiety are also common causes of excessive sweating which can result in foul smelling feet if you are commonly in stressful situations or you work under a lot of pressure.

Try to wear the correct shoe and always dry your feet after showering. Whenever possible allow your feet to be bare. Also maintain very good hygiene. Care for your socking, wash them regularly if possible with antibacterial soaps. Okay, guys with these few tips you can put off your shoes anywhere without the embarrassment of a stench.

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