To The Mind and My Tears

By: Zoe Ene
To the pondering space;
To the mind:
How many times you
Try to conceive
How many times you
Try to deceive.
Not the best, too much stress
You did way less!
Ever felt a let down?
A break down?
I never achieved, should never have tried.
All A throw down, sinking
saith my mind.

To the racing rivers;
To my tears:
Joy, death, melancholy
Make up your mind!
Never your own way
But what the mind doth say.
Not the best, too much stress
Should never have tried
Saith my mind.
Cry me a river, let the rains fall
Follow my tears.

To more than a muscle;
To my heart:
Too precious to be addressed
To be scorned.
True believer in
My true self.
The mind and my tears
Should divorce and follow you,
Focus on Him,
Only they can say
The truth:
I'm a success.

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