The 2013 Cross river movie Awards which is to take place on the 28th of Sept. Will be housed in calabar, the cross river State capital.
A record 431 films (up from 328 entries ) have been submitted for consideration for one of the continent's most prestigious awards for filmmakers,actors and achievers in the movie industry.ff on twitter for updates @crs_movieawards
Among the highlights, you'll recognize several of the awardees,as we've covered them (and continue to cover them) on this site.
Overall, a good year for the CRMA, which continues to make progress. Not only did the awards see an unprecedented number of film submissions,it also saw an increase in the quality of the films submitted - technically, as well as in acting, directing and diversity of the storylines. It might be its most impressive lineup to date, highlighting the continuous progression of a robust African cinema that tells rich, complex stories reflective of and created by African people, for, not only Africans, but also the world.
“We should stop being apologetic of what and who we are. We should be proud to tell the world who we are. We should use our films to tell our story and not wait for someone to else to do that for us,”
    This is what the Cross river movie awards show cases.
   The awards are aimed at honoring and promoting cinema and achievers in the movie industry.

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