20 Things You Need To Do Before You Are 30

1. Discover yourself ,P.S Greatness is not measured by wealth.

2. Learn how to use your gift to solve problems

3. Before u clock 30, catch ideas on how to make money

4. U must know d definition of love before 30 [d Love that goes beyond vapours of emotion

5. A guy should learn how to propose before he turns 30. [Don't use d fake "I had a dream..." strategy]

5b. At 30 you must have read a minimum of 30 books. Own a minimum of 30 books. Start ur personal library

6. Before 30 u need to have a Pastor. You don't choose ur pastor, u discover him. It is not by name.

7. Before u re 30 u must be known for something. Great men re not known 4 everything, they re knwn 4 specifics

8. Before u re 30 u shld ve a mentor.Japanese adage: better than a thousand search is 1day with a great teacher

9. You must have learned how to say no! Learn how to say no many times without feeling guilty

10. You must have conquered procastination. Procastination is the lazy man's apology

11. U should be free to use your mind. If ur life is not going well check who has been doing ur thinking for u
12. Before u are 30 u should have a bank account. Don't live from hand to mouth

13. Before u get 30, have an investment. The cheapest is to buy shares...there re other forms of investment

14. Before u are 30 u must ve developed stability of character. Dont live ur life based on deceit

15.U shld be able 2 choose ur friends b4 u re 30. An eagle dat keeps company wit vulture cannot fly at its peak

16. Before u are 30, learn professional dining etiquette.

17. You should be able to define ur vision before u are 30. In 1 sentence define who u re & what u live for

18. Before u are 30 u should be able to know how to drive a car

19. Before u are 30 u must have the financial ability to feed somebody else

20. Before u re 30 u should be born again. u should know how to love God. Seek ye first d Kingdom of God...

courtesy honeystream christian centre.

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