30 things b4 u turn 30

I took this from one of the messages that was preached by Pastor Akomaye 1. Know your specialty n master it 2. Understand n develop your creativity 3. Be married 4. Finish having kids 5. Learn how 2 manage an organization 6. Have @ least a million in an account you don’t need 7. Build a house 8. Travel 2 another country 9. Train some1 else, through school or a vocation 10. Reproduce yourself, that is mentor @ least 1 person. 11. Own a business n create a buoyant financial structure 12. Empower your intelligence: Read @ least 40 books 13. Learn a new language 14. Commit 2 a church n give regularly 15. Own your own car 16. Improve on your 1st degree, get another one 17. Be officially certified in something 18. Let a Dentist clean your teeth 19. Be in a good physical shape 20. Pay off all your debts 21. Write a book: even if u don’t publish 22. Throw yourself a fun party 23. Forgive ur parents 24. Be involved in a sport 25. Finally, quit THAT bad habit 26. Knw hw 2 change baby nappies 27. Give a baby a bath
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