It was on a Sunday Morning; 28th July, 2013.

Just like every normal Sunday, I woke up, bathed, and got dressed for service.

It was an Estate in Ajaokuta, Kogi state, where I came to stay with my uncle and his family, since the commencement of ASUU strike.

My cousins were away, so we were just 4. My uncle, his wife, my cousins' cousin; that's to say my uncle's wife's niece; and myself.

After the never-quick-ending-service was over, we returned home.

I guess I'm used to 2hours sunday service in church. Anything more, I term it "Message Overload".

While eating the meal, my uncle called to me, "Emma, eat hurrily, you and I are leaving for Edo by 2:00pm.".

I was so excited, I'm going south for the first time.

Getting back to the Dinning table, you know, I started rolling my sleeves, adjusting my collar and declared to my cousins' cousin,

"I'm going to Edo today", shining my teeth alongside.

"whatever", she said, jealously.

I started counting out aloud the states I have been to in Nigeria, accompanying it with some etighi moves.

I love travelling, more as I hate it, because of insecurity on roads or accident.

I started reflecting when last I sinned, because I have this crazy impression that God too will be like "Revenge time", while I'm in sin, and travelling, hereby crashing the car, or sort of, you know crazy thoughts.

Something told me to dissemble my phones during the trip. I was like

No, God will keep me in this one., eventhough another voice was telling me, "for your mind abi??" 

Anyways, I swiftly finished my food, went into my room to prepare.

I didnt even take any extra cloth, because we are returning next morning.

Uncle and I got into his car, prayed and off we went.

He was bringing up topics upon topics in our Yagba language, which didnt let me focus on the website I was then.

When we were around a formal Toll-Gate area around Okene, a car coming directly opposite us was waving us down, screaming at the top of his voice "Armed Robbers!!, Armed Robbers!!!" what have you been doing with your time,hope your keeping busy positively this amazing asuu strike.

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