Edikang Ikong(on point)

This is a highly nutritive delicacy in Akwa Ibom and Cross
River States. It is highly recommended and enjoyed in many
homes, hotels and restaurants. It can be eaten with rice or with any swallow

1kg beef
1 cup of very rich stock
10cups of pumpkin leaves, finely chopped
7cups of waterleaf or spinach, finely chopped
500g dried fish
500g stockfish, cleaned and softened
300g kpomo
1 1/2 cups crayfish, ground
Chilli pepper to taste
3 seasoning cubes
3 cups of palm oil
1 onion bulb
Salt to taste
Tip: Waterleaf has water so ensure the stock is little but rich to avoid having too much water in the soup
Wash all the ingredients thoroughly
Season and boil your meat to make your stock
When the meat is soft, add the stockfish, kpomo and cook further
When you have about one cup of water in the pot, add the pumpkin leaves and cook for about 3minutes
Add the waterleaf, crayfish and the palm oil
Cook for about 5minutes
Add the seasoning cubes and pepper
Add salt to taste
Remove from heat

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