food for champions

Rice and Beans dish is the official federal university dish,its rich in Carbohydrate and proteins and is very palatabe. This local method of enjoying beans and rice is simply yummy.

3 cups of Rice
1 cup of Beans
1 cup Palm Oil
1 cup Crayfish, ground
Meat or goatmeat (optional)
Chilli Pepper to taste
2 Seasoning cubes
1 Onion bulb
400g Dried/ Smoked Fish
Salt to taste
3 cups of Stock
Season and cook the meat till it's soft
Fry or grill the meat
Boil the beans for about 20mins
Wash the rice properly with very hot water
Add the rice,chilli pepper, palm oil, salt, maggi cubes, onions, water and the broth
Cook for about 20mins then add the dried fish
Add more water if it is not soft
Reduce the heat and cook till it's dry
Serve with the meat.
food for champions.

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