Hi dt readers just saw this post on nairaland,and it got me thinking alot.

"Students of nowadays are just dull. Only students can make ASUU cal of dis try. Yes, d universities need attention but we shudnt forget its same universities dat has produced billions of graduates includin d President. Y wudnt they be considerate nd folo d FG wit dia pace, nd let tins gradually take place. D moni may b available but we shud undastand economics, if such moni is released at once nd pumped into d economy, it wil definitely cripple it. I guess dat must b among d reasons d FG are givin...
I urge students to wake up nd fight for dia future, ASUU members have a future already, FG members have dias already, so while play with ours. Even in d current universities state, wot are lecturers teachin? All are just lazy. Most of my lecturers are stil dictatin dia notes dey used during undagrad to students. Is it wen d structures improve dat dey wil improve too?" what do u think?

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