Oga president,

First of all I hail ooo! I no say u no dey
cary last. You be confirm warri pikin. But
ur middle name Ebele means mercy and
make u pity ur children settle their
lecturers naa! The matter neva tire u?
Suppose say ur pikin wey u born for belle
follow us dey house, Sheeh you for never
answer our we lecturers them? Una say
make we bone kidnapping, militant things
and all the bad bad things go enter school,
now now na una com dey f**k up. All the
things wey them lecturers don teash us for
klass we don forget am finish. Last last,
na una go still call us "half-baked", "half-roasted", abi na "half-fried". Na una sabi.

Them talk say person no fit run pass him
shadow. We go dey lasgidi dey for you. Na
ur time be dis use am well, but we go catch
you for 2015. U don forget say youths na
we dey vote pass. Na we too dey snatch
ballot box, dey do rally and som kain
kukere things them wey them dey take win
election. U go still nid our help. That time
too we go go strike. Shebi u sabi waka for
bare feet, u go carry ur leg do ur rally. No
thugs for u. We no go snatch ballot make
you for win. If any maga try am we go
fall am.

So Oga Jona, na ur opportunity be dis ooo.
Make u code this stubborn ASUU make dem
cary their wahala go back. We no say na
rush them go rush us we no send. All join.
Na who get leg dey pass exam no be who
read. Na still who get leg dey get beta
work. Na Naija we dey. So make u do
something because our mate dem for
private university don graj finish. We don
tire to dey beef them. If u no shake bodi
fast make u no forget say university of
militancy still dey admit. Dey neva release
2nd batch ooo!

May u grit maale Patience for we, thank
baba God say she and gran papa Soyinka
don settle that their quarrel, 2 agbayas,
plus all those bad belle advisers wey u get.
God pass them! Bros Amaechi still dey
Niger-delta here, the guy don tire for ur
mata. We dey grit u for am too. We go
stop for here.

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