ASUU: Nigerians speak their Minds

All of u saying that Govt. Should pay ASUU
for the lost 4 months, I meant 5 FREAKING
MONTHS are either silly OR EVEN MORE
silly. When has it been that u don't work
and u get paid.  *deleted* If ur parent(s)
is a lecturer. I'm sorry for my harsh
But it will be harsh anyway.
I'm trying to read one Lecture note now.
Can any of u guess when the Note was
If ur guess was within the 2000s u are so
wrong that I weep for u.
If ur guess was in the 1900s u understand
the method.
This note was compiled in 1989. All the
research sources were dated 1970 and
above. So tell me is it the fund the Govt
will be providing that is going to change
their notes and attitudes to work.
That they should be paid allowances for
doing their work. Then what the hell was
their salaries 4. Wen this thing started, I
was thinking it was salary again. Instead
it was Junk. Junk I tell you.
Wen we resume they want to threaten us
to buy one certain unknown book else we
won't pass.
I say God too punish them.
What sort of life is this? Even if this
money comes for the so called
infrastructure 10% will go to the actuall
projects while the remaining 90 only God
Oh God am so Pissed now eh.
Call me arrogant and silly. Quote this my
post and say ' rantings of a fool.'
But I'll call u ignorant and silly to not see
that this ASUU people are not it at all.
They suspend NEC meeting because one man
I don't know went and died. ASUU members
voted to call it off, they came up with
fresh demands.
How many students had lost their lives
within these 5 months, frankly, I don't
know either.
Some1 might even claim 'so are u saying
that if ASUU was not on strike they
wouldn't have died?'
I didn't like checking the newspapers
because this ASUU thing is Depressing. But
this fresh demand thing is something else.
Then one might say, go and learn a trade.
Oh I did dat sonny, I'm still doing that,
but I want to go to school. That my
parents can't afford private universities
and international schools is it a sin to
school in Nigeria's public universities?
Another person will say, why are u making
a fuss, it's not like wen u graduate, u will
get a job? 'Buzz' sorry, I believe that with
the right skill and God by your side,
anything is possible. But let me finish
school first and cross that bridge wen I
get there.  

honestly ,i didnt want to
comment b4 ,bt d law binding any labor is
AGAIN , u wl c dt @ d end of
everytin,ASUU wl end up getin jux Octoba
nd Novemba salary ,dats if dh resum dz
mnth,and d 1st 3mnth wl b forfeitd ,nd if
it entas january,makin it 6mnth,d whole
salary wont b paid ,they wl blame diaselve
4d loss,i jux wish GEJ shud pay dm nd cal a
SPADE A SPADE ,am tird of home ,honestly

ASUU as lost respects and supports from
the students and parents.they re now
ashame to resume without blaming
themselves but mark my words
Nigerians,since they ve not been paid their
salaries for a long time they will find a
way to resume b4 Christmas so as to get
money to celebrate.

That is how average Nigerian think cos am
one nd dat is what they will do. If not
their wives will be on their throat when
their neighbours were re eating chicken

but they forced students to stay at home me i do you.ASUU is now acting like
those nollywood babalawo that keep
demanding for ridiculous things like virgin

Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko
(AAUA), Ondo State, gave this advice in an
interview in Abuja on Tuesday.
``We are also pleading with the university
administrators not to illegally employ
impromptu lecturers.
``They should also not announce fake
resumption dates or disrupt the meetings
of ASUU members on campuses.
``Such measures will not abate the already
frosty relationship between the union,
government and the university
authorities,” he stressed.
He called for the convocation of
`institutional summit` as a way of
starting the take-off of a rebirth process
for public institutions in Nigeria to become
more effective.
He said social transformation would not
succeed unless the Federal Government was
strongly committed to entrenching strong
and independent public agencies.
``We must not continue to deceive
ourselves that governance, democracy and
politics will reach enviable heights with the
kind of public institutions in place.
``The truth of democracy as the expression
of the people’s will and aspirations will
come alive when Nigeria has public
institutions that have

not been politicised,” he stressed.



That what we get when we have sumone
who is supposed to be selling suya as an
ASUU president

At this point ladies and gentlemen, I can
categorically tell you that I don't
understand ASUU anymore..

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