Different Levels Of Friendzone part 1

I have identified some levels of friendzone that guys find
themselves, i swear I can't believe I even thought this poo up. Of course my friends in UNILAG did some of the thinking gringrin

These levels are not all. Some other levels exist which I know I have not thought of yet.
1. Errand boy level; This is a class of guys who girls only use to do certain things they can’t do themselves. You know when you are the best student in a class and sometimes the girls come over and ask that you help them out to write a term paper or do their assignment. Perhaps you are their neighbor who they will naturally not even look at twice but when their electricity has a fault, you are the first person they come to. That is what you are: you are simply good for errands and that is where it ends but if you are at this point, there is hope. You are in what is called the “A ba eleja yan” zonegringringringringringrin. An “a ba eleja yan” is a Yoruba term for someone who is doing a job for the owner and might not necessarily gain anything from it. He does all the work and the real owner reaps all the benefits. The literal translation is “one who smokes fish for the owner of the fish” but the fish is not yours, you just prepare it and even though you desire the fish, you cannot eat it but at this stage, there is hope oh believe me there is hope. You see when you smoke fish, you can always take some part and eat it without the owner knowing and you have a taste of the food. So at the errand boy level, you can still get hugs, pecks and at some point, well you get the idea

2. Support system This is a class of guys who are good for support in a lot of ways. I have a friend who was stuck in this zone and believe me, it is not a pretty place to be. No imagine a girl has a boyfriend who she loves but is a complete jerk and treats her like crap but she has this guy who is a great friend and listens to her a lot. He is there to stand by her when she has issues with her boyfriend and gives the hugs and makes her feel better. When she is with this guy, she feels great and a lot of her troubles is carried away but that’s where it stops because as soon as she is better, she goes to meet the jerk and forgets the guy that makes her feel better. This guy can also be a church brother who helps out with spiritual things. Now this also has a Yoruba explanation gringringringringrin. “O’n ki ibon, elomi yin nita” meaning you are loading a gun and someone else is shooting it. you see this point is not a good place to be as it is torture, you see this girl you think is an angel treated like poo and while you help her, you get no love. But in this case, it gets worse because if the girl leaves the jerk, she might not date the guy, she is more likely to date another jerk even though the friend makes his intention known. She can be said to be enjoying the best of both worlds. But even at this stage, there is hope, you see when you load guns, you can make a mistake and have an accidental discharge. That is rare but she can look within and see you for what you are.

Continues shortly

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