Different Levels Of Friendzone part 2

3. Gay level have you even had a female friend who will rather go shopping with you than her boyfriend? Like she would rather chat with you for hours about minor and sometimes serious things which she would not feel comfortable discussing with her boyfriend because you are understanding. You are that person she gets advices for and don’t be surprised that you know everything about her including her shoes size and best color. She will gladly take you everywhere and will do everything with you. While you wallow in joy that she is with you always, he boyfriend is doing real guy stuff with his friends and being what guys are and is happy she has you. He is happy that she won’t be in his hair and asking her what color to wear to work or what hairstyle will go with a party theme, all she has to do is ask you and you have the best answer. Hell she would even tell you what a great friend you are and how she finds it easy to connect with you than other guys. Let’s see it this way, what boyfriend won’t be happy his girlfriend has a gay friend to help out with the stuff he does not understand and does not want to understand? Like while he watches football with friends over the weekend, you are going to the market with her to shop for the underwear she wants to buy him on his birthday while you barely get a happy birthday/ the Yoruba phrase for this is the same as the first one. “a ba eleja yan” because she gets so comfy, things happens and she already sees you as gay and harmless. Girls are comfortable to the point of being unclad when around gay(real gays) and you are similar so her heart is opened at this case so hope dey

4. The brother zone As the name implies, it is the point where you have being friendzones, you are like a brother to her. You are so comfortable with her, you actually have the key to her house. You can go to her parents on her behalf and believe it or not, she sees your house as hers, hell she might even have clothing at your place. She would walk down the road with her hands around your neck and might even take you along on her date with her boyfriend. This has a Yoruba definition it is the “a ba eleyin se” the one who cooks the egg for the owner. Ask yourself this: if you boil an egg for someone, how is it possible for you to eat out of it without the owner knowing? At this point, you gain nothing apart from being her friend. You are not even guaranteed of loyalty cos women tend to be more loyal to the guys they date than their brother. You know as a gay friend, she might be comfortable walking around Unclad around you, as someone in the brother zone your chances are zilch. No sane girl walks Unclad around her brother gringringringringringringringrin when you are at this point, she will fight other girls who comes near you but that’s cos she will miss you so much when you divert attention to the other girl not cos she wants anything gringringringringringringrin

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