Women If You Do This It Will Send Your Man Into The Arms Of The Other Woman.

Women if you do any of this often it will automatically send your man into the arms of another woman. This has nothing to do with love,this is something that weary men. Below are some of those things that can send your man away.

1. Nag/troublesome
2. Always suspicious
3. Too inquisitive
4. Boring sex including not being adventrous when he is.
5. Too demanding
6. Trying to be authoritative including always challenging his authority
7. Constantly Disobeying him.
8. When you are not intellectually sound
9. Dirty
10. Abusive/cursing/lack respect including always talking in a disrespectful way.

If you constantly do any of this,no need suspecting if he's cheating or not because your action is enough to push him into doing so. Nothing makes a man lose interest in his woman than constantly bugging him with unnecessary issues. Men and women don't reason alike and so issues that bothers men are not those that bothers women,women worry more when it comes to emotional issues than men..
Don't think because you love him then the above mentioned will be overshadowed with your love, love only helps you keep connection with them it does not override character flaws. Don't send your man into the arms of the other woman by your actions if you constantly do any of those mention above your man will find it hard coping with you.

by correct me were am wrong and you can add your suggestions.ciao

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