Sleeping with someone else is good for your health By Banky J.

It turns out there really is some science as
to why your sorry, single self is going to
bed at night alone and waking up

We’re probably not the first people to tell
you this — and don’t get all offended when
we do — but you need to find a partner.

According to collective research by Andrea
Petersen in The Wall Street Journal,
sleeping with a partner in the same bed
provides an array of health benefits. And it
doesn’t stop there.

Some scientists hypothesize that sleeping
with a partner may be a prominent reason
people in intimate relationships tend to be
in better health and live longer than sad
and lonely singletons.

Sharing really is caring after all, at least
when it comes to your sheets. The new
study challenges previous findings that
women don’t sleep as well with someone
else in their bed and that both sexes move
around more when sleeping together.

While this may be true, according to Wendy
M. Troxel, an assistant professor of
psychiatry and psychology at the
University of Pittsburgh, “the psychological
benefits we get having closeness at night
trump the objective costs of sleeping with a

So maybe don’t be so quick to f*ck ‘em and
chuck ‘em next time, ya feel?

Here’s another reason to love your partner
more: Sleeping together promotes feelings
of safety and security, which may lower
levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.

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