The Word Authentic is a very powerful word

Being authentic is being real. It is being genuine. It also is a process of being honest to yourself. It is in finding alignment with our hearts' desires, to our values and in 'not pretending'. It requires courage. It is uplifting. It may be tough but it is worth every bit of it. It is in taking a stand for our beliefs and not escaping unpleasant situations.

It makes us love ourselves even if the world does not. We may 'have' less. We will still 'be' more. Isn't that fantastic?

In my work, being authentic has meant different things at different times. Sometimes, it has been in forgiving. Sometimes it has been in making a new beginning. Sometimes, it has been in listening to criticisms without replying, waiting for my work to do the talking. Sometimes it has been in letting go while sometimes it has meant to hold on. I have experienced that following this path has always pointed me toward rightness, peace and flow...

With no offense meant to anyone, here are a few questions that might help you in being more authentic. If it is useful, please go ahead and answer them when you feel like. If nothing else, it will help you in understanding yourself. Let me warn you. This might make you smile too... And yes, you can answer them in any order you like...

1. What is your favorite word?

2. What is your least favorite word?

3. What sound or noise do you love?

4. What inspires you? Who inspires you?

5. What scares you?

6. Your comeback mantra in life?

7. Do you have a mantra for living, loving, leaving (death)?

8. What brings the best out of you?

9. What brings the beast out of you?

10. What is your weakness?

11. On your bed stand, what book will we find?

12. In life, if you lose all your money, whom will you find standing next to you? Are you doing justice to them today?

13. If you have to invite 5 people who are alive for dinner, who would they be and why?

14. Is there a talent you wished you had?

15. What work do you hate but you must do?

17. What will be the title of your autobiography?

18. If you have all the money in the world, what would you like to do?

19. What is your hobby? Do you regularly do it? Why not? Really?

20. When you are not working, what do you do with your time?

There! You see! You know yourself a little more now. May your answers guide you in making apt choices. May your answers bring the best out of you. All these answers have helped me to be authentic to myself. May it do the same to you too...

With loads of love, prayers and best wishes, please do comment thanks

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