Wow,At about 3:00pm when voting had closed, some group of persons were still voting till the election committee body ask people to stop voting.
Some group of persons were still trying to cast their vote which lead to a serious riot, where the ballot box was been rushed to the NAT auditorium,even when the counting of votes was to be done at the senate chambers.
Even at that some students were still racing to cast their votes, as a result of this the university surveillance were invited, which lead to shooting.
Two boys were shot by the process,we later confirmed that they were rushed to a nearby naval hospital in calabar,but what suprises me is that SARS(police task force)was invited when the situation was still handled by the dean student affairs he was shocked i wonder who called them into the matta sha*lol*                                                                                              In my thought the former SUG president handled the the students well truly a politictian nice,at the end the 2014 unical SUG election have be cancelled. in total 3 persons injured,2 critically in the hospital 1 at malabor recovering................GREATEST NIGERIAN STUDENTS we shall not be bullied that is all....... 

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