SPORTS FAB: Serena Williams DEFEATS 18-Year-Old Taylor Townsend, ADVANCES At The U.S. Open

Serena Williams advanced to round two of the U.S. Open after defeating 18-year-old Taylor Townsend, who made an impressive showing during the match. But what we're most impressed about -- is that two YBF chicks took over the US Open last night.  Watch the ladies is action inside.... 
 photo TaylorTownsendUSOpenDay2fUm2gSQUAJ2l.jpg
No. 1-ranked and No. 1-seed tennis champ Serena Williams advances in the U.S. Open after a crushing defeat of Taylor Townsend, an 18-year-old Chicago native, who made her debut at the U.S. Open as a wild card.
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It was an interesting scene in Flushing Meadows as Serena battled a young prodigy whom some have dubbed "the future of tennis". Taylor, who won the junior girls Australian Open in 2012, was the first American to hold the No. 1 year-end world ranking for junior girls since 1982.
 photo TaylorTownsendUSOpenDay2z0XBBkPM31cl.jpg 
Taylor took the defeat in stride....since it came at the hands of one of her idols.  Speaking about Serena, she toldUSA Today,
"She's an African-American woman from Compton, California, who has won 17 or 16 Grand Slam titles. Like, who would have thought? Anything is possible. She's paved the way for me and not only African-American girls but girls in general, people in general. Just has changed the game of tennis. I think I've just learned, like, from her story that anything is possible."

Thanks to her victory, Serena's bid for a third consecutive U.S. Open title continues.  And we are totally her for it.  Congrats!

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