Mehnnnn,my eyes have seen,my ears have heard,my mouth cant talk but my fingers can type,is this truely a typical nigerian traditional marriage list? cause if it anything like this i need to work harder o,check out this list;

1. 20 litres of hot drink 
2. 7male goats for elders 
3. 7 female goats for the old women 
4. 22 Jersey, 22boats, and 10balls for
the youths. 
5. 120 yards of Nigeria wax for
the young girls. 
6. 30 tubers of yams and 40 sea fishes
for the oldest men and women in the
7. 7 kola nuts and 10 bitter kola. 
8. One bull for the king and elders in
9. A sewing machine for the
younger sister. 
10. 5 trip of sand and 17 bags of
dangote cement. 
11.Three gallons of 20litres
palm wine. 
12. 2 white sheep for her elder and
younger brothers. 
13. 200 bathroom slippers for
the villagers. 
14. 50liters of petrol 
15. 4 handsets for her other
16. 7 cartons each of star
beer, coke and snap. 
17. The father and mother's
clothes with the sum of N180,000. 
18. 2 big box that will be use to park
her clothes. 
19. A white bicycle for her uncle. 
20. when coming with the
above items, come with the cow
that will be killed for the marriage

Na bad thing to marry again? 

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