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10 signs she's in love with you but too shy to say it

                                                                                                                                                                         1. She always wants you attention.

most girl in love with a guy would try all possible means to get his attention to the extent of pretending to have headaches,stomach pain or even fever just to get you care and call her to say "sorry" so many times

2.Always staring at your direction

All girls do this when they are in love..even guys are guilty.they constantly look at you direction several times in a minute and avoiding eye contacts. when you notice she does this for up to three time consecutively she's in love...please say hi at would make her whole day

3. Always make sure you see her on her new clothes

All girls fall guilty of this.Anytime they put on a new clothe they always try all mean to get you see them in the extent of passing front of your house several time trying to not to look.
Even at lectures they are always walking past the front of the class for you to see and notice them.

4. Craving to hear your voice

This is the most funny thing I've seen girls do.really. a girl in love with a guy always finds his voice attractive no matter how awkward it sounds
they go the extent of calling you with a strange number and keeping go say "hello..hello..who's this" tire nobody go reply..dig up that you'll find out its somebody doing that on purpose..probably a girl in love with you

5.Also funny...She would always turn to see any time your name is been called by somebody

even it not her name,she go time it may not be you in particular probably somebody with same name somewhere. very funny.

6. always asking you personal questions while

"are you home?"... "what are you doing now?"..." how is she?..(this one always makes me laugh) like you told her about some "she" somewhere..LoL

7. Playing a good mother when you around

another funny things girls in love do is this.when you around you always see them carrying little babies and playing with them cheerfully.. just to show you they can be a good mother/housewife's

8. When you are with other girls,they always come to join the company

Girls always get jealous seeing the guy they love getting happy with other girls..especially her friends!!! see them always want to be part if the discussion and doing GE talking most of the time

9.Always borrowing your fone to take pictures,or keep their self busy with your pictures

This is also common with girls..they makes use of youtlr whenever they want to take selfies or pics with their friend especially when they are well dressed and their friends arent

10. Digging up your profile updates on social medias

all girls fall guilty of this.. even most guys. they always comment on your statuses and pics.. always checking on you to see the girl you've been communication with

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