Spend The Weekend Staying Inside A Full-Size Working Airplane (Photos)

ites anymore?

Maybe you just need to book a room perched on top of a mountain somewhere… Or maybe a beachfront property?

But, either of those wouldn’t be nearly as cool as a bunking inside a real, fully-functioning commercial jet!

If you’ve ever booked somewhere to stay using Airbnb, you know your options are everything but limited.

The fact that you can actually stay in an airplane proves just that. The travel site is offering a two to four person stay on a KLM airplane.

In case you were wondering, yes, a master bedroom is included. As a matter of fact, everything you’d find in a home can be found on this plane.

As for the plane’s location, you’d have to be OK with traveling to Amsterdam; the plane will sit on one of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s runways.

What are you waiting for? Book your stay for a night between November 28-30.

Instead of booking a stay at a luxury hotel, get creative. Why not book a KLM commercial jet for you and up to three other people?

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