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Must read; A Humble Advice for all nigerian students that just Graduated

I got this post by ebuka obi of nairaland; Personally, I must start by saying a BIG Congratulations to you my dear fellow graduates! The journey that started like Four, Five or Six years ago has come to an end. You are alive to witness it? Now thats the best testimony! I might not have silver nor gold to dash you on this very day, but I have taken my time to pass this advice across to you. Read, chew and digest!

1). At this stage? You cannot really make amends with the grade you just graduated with! The First Class, Second Class Upper, Second Class Lower, Third Class ...etc or what ever you graduated with today has come to stay. Be it bad or good? Accept it! Don't blame any person. Thats the first step. You got the '3rd Class' not 'they' gave me '3rd Class.'.

2). My Brothers and Sisters, there is this slogan that 'no matter the economy of the jungle, the Lion will never eat grass.' Let me tell you the truth and nothing else than the truth. After graduation and Nysc, my dear, you MIGHT be eating 'grass' for sometime!! Some of you might eat for days, some for months, some for years! But never ever lose hope. Keep faith. Nothing lasts forever. Not even joblessness! I ate my own share of 'grass'. Luckily for me, I ate in 'months.'

3). You will be enjoying a whole lot of free time/period from now on and even during NYSC. Therefore, learn any skill that can make you not to go back and borrow money from your 'enemies' in the near future. Tailoring? Plating of hair? Repairing of phones? Decoration of event halls? How to drive? How to fix laptops/phones? Etc.. They are numerous! Just learn as much as you can. You can never tell how much and how far that could take you.

4). Biko, don't go back to your village jisting anybody that cares to listen that you are now a Graduate. In fact, First Class graduate for that matter. My dear, last i checked, poison still kills a lion/lioness. Dont kill yourself before your time not just with your own mouth!

5). Some of your mates will jet out to Maryland USA, Pretoria South Africa etc the next week after graduation to pursue their masters, some will even travel to the moon to pursue their Phd. My dear, if your parents can afford to send you? Cool. If they cant? Pls dont 'kill' them. Go to Ui, UniLag, UNN, Uniben. etc. They are still good alternatives! If all of us jet out sef? Who will now vote on Feb. 14th?? Lol.

6). I must end by saying this: all destinies are never the same! Some of your classmates will 'hammer' in few months time, some might 'hammer' in years time. As for the girls; some of your class girls will marry the next day. It might even seem as if its now only you remaining. Relax! Rejoice with them. There is no competition in destiny. Over taking is allowed sofar they don't cause accident for you! Your time sure will come. It might be today, it might be tomorrow, but when it comes, even the sun will know!

Enjoy! Congrats Once More.

This post was written by ebuka obi

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