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Mama-Purity-378x413Mercy Johnson aka Mama PurityLets be honest with ourselves, the typical Nigerian mum is a unique and beautiful creature created by only by God.
The typical Nigerian mum is full of life, social, fashionable and is passionate about her family.
We asked a group of Nigerian mums, what they feel are the characteristics of the typical Nigerian mum and the following are some of the replies they gave us.
1. You are referred to as ‘Mama Somebody’ 
You know you are a Nigerian mum when you are referred to as Mama Nkechi or Mama Tolu. As soon as that child comes out of you, your identity changes. You become ‘Mama Somebody’.
2. You are an expert in the art of backing a child
You cannot call yourself a Nigerian mum if you have never backed your child. Haba.
I remember days when I will come home for work in my suit and will back my child to make dinner even in my work clothes, because I did not have domestic help.
The first trick any Nigerian mother or mother-in-law will teach her female child is the art of backing. This art is as old as time itself.
3. Your backside is noticeable from afar
While this may not apply to all Nigerian mums, but let’s be honest, most of the mums we see on the streets or in our homes have a nice round ‘backyard’.
Childbirth and marriage gradually changes our figures as the years roll by. The good thing however is that our backsides are needed to ‘elegantly’ carry our wrappers or traditional attires that we so love to wear.
4. You are a ‘gele’ or scarf tying expert
No matter what part of the country you are from. The typical Nigerian mum knows how to tie a head scarf or ‘gele’. The skills some Nigerian mums have in this regard, is simply extra-ordinary.
5. Your wrapper is one of your most important possessions
No matter how ‘posh’ or ‘classy’, you may claim to be, the typical Nigerian mum at least has a wrapper of some sort in her wardrobe. Wrappers are an essential item for backing children, dressing light to avoid the heat on days when there is no light or to protect us from dreaded mosquito bites.
6. Your eye is the most powerful tool of correction
Eye signal is perhaps the most powerful tool for the Nigerian mum. Woe betide any child that fails to read what their mother’s eyes are saying.
7. ‘I will beat you’ is always at the tip of your tongue
Any Nigerian mother who hasn’t threatened to beat her child is lying. When a child misbehaves the first words at the tip of the Nigerian mother’s tongue is ‘I will beat you.’ Even a 10 month old baby is not spared.
8. No matter how educated you are you still believe in traditional medicine
You know the saying that goes ‘You can take a girl out of the village, but you cannot take the village out of the girl’, well this applies here.
The typical Nigerian mum even those with Masters or PHD will still go back to a tried and tested herbal concoction or ‘agbo’ for certain ailments.
9. Common staples in your house include the following
You are not a typical Nigerian mum if the following staples are not a regular feature in your house;
Cerelac, Golden Morn or Indomie Noodles and the tried and test Garri.
Tell us. What are the other characteristics of a typical Nigerian mum?
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