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#Facts about #Men

Humans are genetically engineered to flirt.Flirting leads to sex, which leads to reproduction and - you get the idea. But before flirting comes physical attraction to your partner.Here are the physical traits men are most attracted to in women.Some may even surprise you !

1. A large waist-to-hip ratio.
You've probably heard the term "child bearing
hips" before, which is when the hips are
significantly wider than the waist, creating an
hourglass figure. A large waist-to-hip ratio of
7:10 instinctively gives men the notion that the
woman can carry his child, according to
a study by Barnaby J. Disxon.

2. A high voice.
Researchers at the University College
London found that men are attracted to a
higher-pitched voice because it subconsciously
signifies youth and a smaller body.

3. Healthy hair.
Having long, luscious locks was found to play a
big part in female attractiveness, as it
symbolizes fertility.

4. Smiling. 
A study at University of British Columbia found
that men are more attracted to women who
smiled more. On the flip side, women are less
attracted to men who tend to smile and prefer
guys who keep a straight face.

5. Less makeup.
Makeup enhances beauty, sure, but caking it on
is not attractive to men. Research found that
men preferred women who wore up to 40% less
makeup than they initially put on. Put the
eyeliner down, ladies.

6. Women who wear red.
Women wearing the color red red enhances
men's attraction to them. Ironically, women are
also more attracted to men who wear
red. Maybe we're not so different after all!

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