Daddy freeze talkathon

I have discovered that,some OAP have decided to be careless about their words,it just amazes me that some of them I grew up on them,like Dan Foster to name a few,his such an inspiration to me.

But some have decided to just annoy me and Piss the light out of me,how can a human being like daddy freeze be so canal,I know I ain't that holy or perfect but I try,this dude keeps posting shit and speak carelessly because HE IS SO canal minded, my God the level of his thinking amazes me,please help me ask daddy freeze if it's his tithe and offering that some pastors use to buy jet and open schools? And the funny thing he claims to be a christian quoting bible verses like one anointed man of God,before you criticise,how many souls have you saved for christ the reason you live.

I strongly believe that you dont have the right or authority to write all the silly things you write about some pastors,i believe that this verse is for you,
1 cor 2: 14
Cause am sure even the devil could quote scriptures,please if God or whatever is calling you go and open your own ministry. Don't disturb your brain with things that you just can't fathom. DON'T ALLOW THE DEVIL USE YOU,RESIST HIM BROTHER AND HE WILL FLEE.

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