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The Only Way I Could Get Through College With Depression Was By Accepting It

A Bird was struggling to get up on its feet as it laid there on its back like a worm pulled out from dirt and washed onto the pavement. For some reason, I felt so compelled to watch it, as if I understood its struggle — pulling itself up several times, only to fall on its back again. Suddenly, it jumped on its legs and raced down the stairs, only to fall every time it reached a ledge. At the last stair, it stood tall, finally reaching its goal of flying away.I thought to myself, “This is how it feels to suffer through depression while in college.” College is difficult. Going to college with a mental disorder is even more difficult. Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, whatever it may be — the added stress could potentially be enough to push someone past the breaking point.I know this from experience. I know how it feels to be pressured, to not only maintain mental stability, but to also somehow manage finishing assignments and achieving good grades. It’s like someo…

I think You’ll Actually Have A Better Vacation If You Don’t Post Photos Of It #diamonddiaries

Ever wondered how many hours you spend (waste) glued to your phone each day, entranced by the wonderful world of social media? According to CNN, out of roughly a 12-hour day, nine of those are spent staring at a screen while we lose ourselves in the lives of others.We spend nine hours a day wishing we had something someone else has, and comparing ourselves to the models we will never look like and the rich people whose lives we will never be able to afford. It’s no wonder studies have shown it to be the “triggering plague of low self-esteem.”I had truly had enough. I was sick of always feeling like I needed to be going out to give my Instagram some juicy content. I was tired of never being able to just enjoy the moment I was in. I was bored of having to constantly update the world every time I did something fulfilling.I was stuck in a trap of not wanting to post anything, while feeling like I had a boring life with nothing to share if I didn’t. Social media was part of my daily routin…