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Confusion rocks Cross River State as they try to choose a new logo for the state. The governor in the last two carnivals has ridden on a Red bike with the inscription Taurus!   TAURUS  is Zodiac  represented by a raging bull! That is exactly  what was reflected in the new logo So the logo is a representation of the governor himself. Now this is becoming interesting,the logo from from sources say its now a cheetah. Please how about a monkey or baboon something more....... #CALABARRISE  
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Itoro Charis & Shekinah Johnson Celebrate Love

So last weekend Wedding bells been ringing! The amazing,the gorgeous couple Emem and Itoro celebrated their love. The theme was executed to perfection. Everything looked fabulous, even the guests. But nothing looked better than the couple as they shared priceless, picture perfect moments together, surrounded by friends and family. Read their love story on our facebook page and see photos  below

11 Struggles You Endure Every Day When You’re A Quiet Overthinker

For as long as I can remember, i always tried to play with friends my older than me. While I’ve learned to explore the world alone, I still find myself grappling with the idea of being a quiet overthinker in a society full of fast talkers and loud opinions. Here are 10 struggles every quiet overthinker has to deal with on a day-to-day basis. 1. People always think you’re mad at them.
There’s something about the idea of silence that seems to make people so ridiculously uncomfortable. People have a tendency to read my silence as anger or sadness, and they assume that anger is directed at them. I’m just minding my own business, and to be honest, I’m probably thinking about money.
2. Or, people think you’re upset about something.
I “jokingly” tell people I have “resting sad face,” but like, it’s not even a joke. It’s nice to know people care about you and want to make sure you’re OK, but jeez, like I said, I’m probably thinking about money! 
3. You defend yourself and your behavior way more than yo…

Social media generation

Did you know that a survey of 10,000 millennials found 64 percent believe Instagram is the most narcissistic social media platform — with more votes than Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat combined. When you’re not posting selfie after selfie on Instagram because you’re obsessed with how you look, you’re probably deleting that ill-advised pic that people just didn’t love. The survey found 78 percent of millennials know someone who has deleted a post because it didn’t get enough likes. For me, the weirdest part of that is it doesn’t surprise me. It basically confirms most people post to seek validation from others, and it’s just another example of what a beautiful hot mess our generation is.

Or, as LendEDU says, The world of social media has become so expansive and diverse that its original intent has become convoluted. For (millennials), social media is a powerful tool with the ability to create an entirely new persona, void of reality. The formula is quite simple. If you post enough art…