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List of youngest birth mothers( A Nigerian is on this list)

A Mexican girl has become one of the world’s youngest mothers after giving birth aged just NINE .

The youngster, named only as Dafne, gave birth to a 6lb baby girl on January 27 at the Zoquipan Hospital, in Mexico's western Jalisco state.

But the young girl is in fact four years older than the youngest mother in medical history, who was just FIVE when she gave birth.

Here is a run down of the 10 youngest mums…

1. Lina Medina, from Ticrapo in Peru, gave birth to a baby boy named Gerardo by caesarean section aged five years and seven months old in May 1939. Her parents thought she had a tumour but when she was taken to hospital, she was found to be seven months pregnant.

2. Yelizaveta "Liza" Gryshchenko had just turned six when she gave birth to a stillborn baby girl in the Soviet Union in August 1934. The infant’s father was Liza’s 69-year-old maternal grandfather. The family emigrated after the scandal.

3. A six-year-old girl, known only as ‘H’ gave birth to a daughter …

I know #Markzuckerberg personally

I just want to state this out there am officially proud to use the facebookapp,cause mark zuckerberg is my friend, am going to go on first name basis here mark,this past 24 hrs has been an inspiration to entrepreneurs,  start ups Nigerians in general his simplicity is mind blowing all the pictures I don't think I have seen Mopol any where not even boys brigade even my guy don jazzy knows wassap,so please my fellow Nigerians let's take a queue from my new friend mark zuckerberg integrity and simplicity,pfft after oyibo will say Nigeria is not safe,anyways i know who is to be blamed,just see dollar billz strolling along ikeja and ikoyi but naira millionaire will not allow me see road with ............lemme stop full stop.

calabar dance moves

Obudu Conservation Centre #conservation #wildlife

Since 2002 the Obudu Conservation Centre has led the effort to educate students about the environment and the importance of protecting wildlife.
The Obudu Conservation Centre is a not for profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2002 dedicated to educating, protecting and restoring the wildlife and ecological biodiversity of the Obudu region by running educational programs, research, helping local communities and fueling tourism to OCC's home; The Obudu Mountain Resort.
Our Mission
Obudu Conservation Centre works to protect, restore and increase awareness of the wild lands and wildlife on Obudu Plateau and the surrounding Cross River National Park, which runs into Cameroon's Takamanda National Park. We seek to generate healthier economic opportunities for local communities and promote care of our natural world.

The Obudu Conservation Centre has been at the forefront of environmental education on Obudu Plateau and continues to create awareness of these endangered …

Hitz muzik launches in Calabar

wow,am very excited to announce the launch of  this website,  the website that allows you download your music free,it's faster, easier to navigate, and more  user- friendly for your downloads and uploads of your music the team has worked hard to make the  homepage features with bright colors and an uncluttered design. Visit us at web address  Calabar Hitz muzik is here to stay.

10 Reasons I Will Always Be Myself And IDGAF What Anyone Thinks

In a world full of basics, I pride myself on raw authenticity. I don’t want to be normal. I just want to be ME.
I sing at the top of my lungs in the shower. I make jokes that some people might deem inappropriate. I’m awkward. And I wear crazy outfits.
Life is good.
Many people spend their days afraid of what everyone else thinks of them. They work at jobs they hate, they stand in the shadows and they dilute their beautiful, unique personalities just so they won’t rock the proverbial boat.
But what a boring way to live! No one ever made a difference by avoiding being different. It’s the weirdoes who really run the world.
Here’s why I will always be myself and DGAF what anyone thinks.
Because going against the grain is what creates leaders.
No one who made it to the top did so by following the herd. It's those who stood up for their beliefs — however unpopular or avant-garde — who were heard. People with IDEAS are the ones who change things.
I'm not trying to be some vanilla, n…

The Only Way I Could Get Through College With Depression Was By Accepting It

A Bird was struggling to get up on its feet as it laid there on its back like a worm pulled out from dirt and washed onto the pavement. For some reason, I felt so compelled to watch it, as if I understood its struggle — pulling itself up several times, only to fall on its back again. Suddenly, it jumped on its legs and raced down the stairs, only to fall every time it reached a ledge. At the last stair, it stood tall, finally reaching its goal of flying away.I thought to myself, “This is how it feels to suffer through depression while in college.” College is difficult. Going to college with a mental disorder is even more difficult. Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, whatever it may be — the added stress could potentially be enough to push someone past the breaking point.I know this from experience. I know how it feels to be pressured, to not only maintain mental stability, but to also somehow manage finishing assignments and achieving good grades. It’s like someo…

I think You’ll Actually Have A Better Vacation If You Don’t Post Photos Of It #diamonddiaries

Ever wondered how many hours you spend (waste) glued to your phone each day, entranced by the wonderful world of social media? According to CNN, out of roughly a 12-hour day, nine of those are spent staring at a screen while we lose ourselves in the lives of others.We spend nine hours a day wishing we had something someone else has, and comparing ourselves to the models we will never look like and the rich people whose lives we will never be able to afford. It’s no wonder studies have shown it to be the “triggering plague of low self-esteem.”I had truly had enough. I was sick of always feeling like I needed to be going out to give my Instagram some juicy content. I was tired of never being able to just enjoy the moment I was in. I was bored of having to constantly update the world every time I did something fulfilling.I was stuck in a trap of not wanting to post anything, while feeling like I had a boring life with nothing to share if I didn’t. Social media was part of my daily routin…

How To Cancel MTN Advert

I am sure I am speaking the mind of a lot of Nigerians right now, for so long I have tried to Opt Out/deactivate/cancel all the annoying SMSs I get from MTN. Just when I get an SMS hoping its a Credit Alert, I see some SMS from our dear MTN, anyways to cut long story short, check below for the codes.

To opt out of all MTN useless adverts, dial *123*5*4# and follow the instructions.

#MTN empowering #youths

God bless MTN Wow gonna miss this my colleagues MTN!!!!!! EVERY WHERE YOU GO SEE YALL AT THE TOP PICS BELOW

MTN #welcomesback #customer

Wow so Mtn started #welcomebackcustomer project in December and I was opportuned to work with them Twas fun and we had the regional managers come visit,ceo Macworth consulting really lovely experience

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About The Group #Fitness Class You Should Try

I’ve been on a workout kick lately. I’m on my way to (hopefully) achieving the body I’ve always wanted, and I have to say I owe it to group workout classes.I’ve been an avid gym-goer for quite some time now. But once I stopped doing my own thing at the gym and started going to group workouts, I’ve not only felt way more motivated to go, but I’m beginning to actually see the results I’ve wanted for so long. Group workouts are great because being around other people isn’t intimidating. It’s just the opposite. It pushes you past your limits, even when you want to drop to the floor and give up.But I get it. You may not be the kind of person to actually enjoy Zumba, where you sway to Latin music with a bunch of other peeps, or kickboxing, which is intense AF. But fear not, because I’ve got each one of you covered. Read on to find out which group exercise class you should try out, according to your zodiac sign.Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)The Aquarius is honest and loyal. Peop…

#Facts about #Men

Humans are genetically engineered to flirt.Flirting leads to sex, which leads to reproduction and - you get the idea. But before flirting comes physical attraction to your partner.Here are the physical traits men are most attracted to in women.Some may even surprise you !

1. A large waist-to-hip ratio.
You've probably heard the term "child bearing
hips" before, which is when the hips are
significantly wider than the waist, creating an
hourglass figure. A large waist-to-hip ratio of
7:10 instinctively gives men the notion that the
woman can carry his child, according to
a study by Barnaby J. Disxon.

2. A high voice.
Researchers at the University College
London found that men are attracted to a
higher-pitched voice because it subconsciously
signifies youth and a smaller body.

3. Healthy hair.
Having long, luscious locks was found to play a
big part in female attractiveness, as it
symbolizes fertility.

4. Smiling. 
A study at University of British Columbia found
that men are more attracted to …

#DiamondDiaries Log2

Wow 😲 I actually lost weight,so I lost about 2kg this month wasn't easy but my new pair of jeans fitted gotta keep this up o,I need a partner though #the struggle continues need to be in shape for #NYSC signed out.

Watch out for these shows in 2016!

Wow just couldn't help but put this gist out I know people of my age bracket would love this; X FILES,PRISON BREAK and 24 all our favorite shows are coming back  on FOX TV, feel like screaming yey but I won't shout that scofield,scolly and Molly,jack b is gonna be on our screens.wheew

MTN Bring back our customers

Mavin record label music star, Dr. Sid, Five Star Music artiste, Kceeand Saka were all out and at their best last week in Port Harcourt, Lagos and Abeokuta leading and encouraging subscribers to revalidate their SIM registration details at Mavin record label music star, Dr. Sid, Five Star Music artiste, Kceeand Saka were all out and at their best last week in Port Harcourt, Lagos and Abeokuta leading and encouraging subscribers to revalidate their SIM registration details at the various mega centres in the cities. 

Fully prepared for business, Kcee was on ground at the 3 mega centres in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Capital; La King, Ruby and the Port-Harcourt walk-in Centrewhere he interacted with the subscribers, encouraging them to update and validate their SIM information.
The Five Star Music artiste also joined the team of MTN attendants to register some of the subscribers. In his usual manner, he made them savor the moment as he gave out various gift items and cash gifts to subscrib…

ITS ALL BOUT #TheHeadies

Ycee - Winner
Nominees: Base one, Koker , Pepenazi , HumbleSmith ,Young GreyCNEXT RATED
Reekado Bankz (Winner)
Nominees: Lil’ Kesh , Kiss Daniel, Cynthia Morgan , Korede BelloBEST POP SINGLE
Godwin – Korede Bello (WINNER)
Nominees: Ojuelegba – Wizkid , Collabo – P-Square Feat. Don Jazzy , My Woman, My Everything – Patoranking Feat. Wande Coal , 
Woju – Kiss Daniel, Bobo – OlamideBEST STREET-HOP ARTISTE
Olamide – Bobo
Nominees: Small Doctor – Mosquito Killer, Mastakraft feat. Olamide, CDQ& David O – Indomie, Falz The Bad Guy Feat. Yemi Alade & Poe – Hello Bae, Reminisce – SkillashiBEST VOCAL PERFORMANCE (MALE)
Timi Dakolo – Wish Me Well (Winner)
Nominees: Praiz – If I fall , Shaydee – High, Cobhams – Do The Right Thing , Bez – There’s A Fire
Wish Me Well – Timi Dakolo (Winner)
Nominees: Heartbeat – Praiz, Baby Daddy – Iyanya, Say You Love Me – Leriq ft. Wizkid , Do the Right Thing – Cobhams Ft. Bez
King Kong…

Diamondtrut diaries log1

Hey fam havnt been online,for a while cause of unforeseen circumstances but its alright we overcoming them,2015 was a great year for me and every body around me, my friends got engaged,we had additions to the crew,its been God all through i just want to give him thanks welcome to 2016 we made it love Anie