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Obudu Conservation Centre #conservation #wildlife

Since 2002 the Obudu Conservation Centre has led the effort to educate students about the environment and the importance of protecting wildlife.
The Obudu Conservation Centre is a not for profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2002 dedicated to educating, protecting and restoring the wildlife and ecological biodiversity of the Obudu region by running educational programs, research, helping local communities and fueling tourism to OCC's home; The Obudu Mountain Resort.
Our Mission
Obudu Conservation Centre works to protect, restore and increase awareness of the wild lands and wildlife on Obudu Plateau and the surrounding Cross River National Park, which runs into Cameroon's Takamanda National Park. We seek to generate healthier economic opportunities for local communities and promote care of our natural world.

The Obudu Conservation Centre has been at the forefront of environmental education on Obudu Plateau and continues to create awareness of these endangered …

Hitz muzik launches in Calabar

wow,am very excited to announce the launch of  this website,  the website that allows you download your music free,it's faster, easier to navigate, and more  user- friendly for your downloads and uploads of your music the team has worked hard to make the  homepage features with bright colors and an uncluttered design. Visit us at web address  Calabar Hitz muzik is here to stay.

10 Reasons I Will Always Be Myself And IDGAF What Anyone Thinks

In a world full of basics, I pride myself on raw authenticity. I don’t want to be normal. I just want to be ME.
I sing at the top of my lungs in the shower. I make jokes that some people might deem inappropriate. I’m awkward. And I wear crazy outfits.
Life is good.
Many people spend their days afraid of what everyone else thinks of them. They work at jobs they hate, they stand in the shadows and they dilute their beautiful, unique personalities just so they won’t rock the proverbial boat.
But what a boring way to live! No one ever made a difference by avoiding being different. It’s the weirdoes who really run the world.
Here’s why I will always be myself and DGAF what anyone thinks.
Because going against the grain is what creates leaders.
No one who made it to the top did so by following the herd. It's those who stood up for their beliefs — however unpopular or avant-garde — who were heard. People with IDEAS are the ones who change things.
I'm not trying to be some vanilla, n…