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ALICIA KEYS & SWIZZ BEATZ -- NO Problem Making Out Next To Ex-Wife Mashonda....On St. Barts Family Vacay!

If it works for Kimora, her men Djimon & Tim, Russell Simmons and all the can also work for Swizz Beatz and his blended family.  Alicia Keys, her husband Swizz, and their kids Egypt and Kasseem are all on family vacay in St. Barts....with Swizz's ex-wife Mashonda Tifrere.Check the pics & video of everyone getting along like one big happy family...The Deans took a page out of the Simmons' annual St. Barts vacay book and made the trip they are curently on a bundle of big blended family fun.Alicia & Swizz were spotted at Nikki Beach in St. Barts today sneaking a mini-makeout session on the beach beds while the kiddies played in the sand.   But also on that beach bed...was Swizzy's ex-wife Mashonda!  Hey, Alicia is his wife it's to be expected, right?Mashonda is also on the vacay since she and Swizz share little Kasseem.  Gotta give it to them...they know how to make co-parenting trump all things.  And the trio seem to have left the cheatin…

The Real Difference Between Being Successful And Being Happy

“Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.”- Ingrid BergmanSuccess and happiness, happiness and success. People have a tendency to confuse the two, mixing them up until they can’t distinguish between the very different but seemingly unified terms.In a culture based on profit and earnings, we’ve grown up to attribute happiness as the product of success, measuring our lives by the level of our achievements and goals attained. Like a bad analogy, many equate success to the forefront of happiness, foregoing the second part of the equation to achieve the first. They think happiness is at the end of the climb and success is just a measure of it.However, if you look at it more closely, there couldn’t be a more wrong way of looking at it. Success is not, and never has been, a reflection of happiness, but rather, the other way around. How happy you are is the ultimate measure of success, isn’t it?It only takes a few case studies to realize that success can’t be the r…

Why 20-Somethings All Suffer From The Peter Pan Complex

Do you ever wish you could prolong your youth and return to the warm safety net of childhood? Childhood was a dreamy and quixotic time when the hardest part of our day was trying to tie our shoelaces into perfect loops. For those who suffer from “Peter Pan complex,” the life of a grownup is nothing to lust after. Grownups suck the fun out of everything, grownups pay bills and grownups don’t believe in magic.Peter Pan was the child who never grew up and gleefully wandered the paths of Neverland with the Lost Boys. After we graduate from university and find ourselves flailing, we wish we were in a similar position.Most graduates left the safe confines of a university campus and found themselves stumbling into an unsettled economic landscape. We weren’t prepared for it to be this way, and we didn’t think it would take this long. We didn’t think we would be drifting along the shore of simply getting by, and not making a living.There have been many hasty and shallow observations of Millenn…

40 Facts About Wizkid – Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. - Celebrities

Here are 40 Facts
you probably might not know about Star-Boy — Ayodeji
Ibrahim Balogun
1) His Real Names are Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun.
2) He was born on July 16, 1990 in Lagos into a family of
6. He’s from Lagos State, Nigeria.
3) He is the last and only son in the family.
4) His favourite Color is Black.
5) Wizkid holds the record for the highest number of
Celebrities feature (Cameo Appearance) on a Music Video
in Africa – ‘Tease Me’ & ‘Pakurumo’
6) Wizkid got his first car in 2011 Black Honda Accord i-
7) Wizkid started off singing at 11 under the name ‘Lil
cool He formed a group back then at 11, Glorious Five.
9) His Group, Glorious Five went on to release a 7-Tracker
Album and released the album in the Church.
10) He made 10,000 from the total sale of his first album
(with Glorious 5)
11) He changed his name from Lil Prinz to Wizkid in 2006.
12) His first break-out in the Industry was his feature on
MI’s Fast Money, Fast Cars in 2009.
13) He’s Won 13 Major Awards …


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Red Marbles!I was at the corner grocery store buying
some early potatoes. I noticed a small boy,
delicate of bone and feature, ragged but
clean, hungrily appraising a basket of
freshly picked green peas.I paid for my potatoes but was also drawn
to the display of fresh green peas. I am a
pushover for creamed peas and new
potatoes.Pondering the peas, I couldn't help
overhearing the conversation between Mr..
Miller (the store owner) and the ragged boy
next to me.'Hello Barry, how are you today?'
'H'lo, Mr. Miller. Fine, thank ya. Jus'
admirin' them peas. They sure look good..'
'They are good, Barry.. How's your Ma?''Fine. Gittin' stronger alla' time.'
'Good. Anything I can help you with?''No, Sir.
Jus' admirin' them peas.'
'Would you like to take some home?' asked
Mr. Miller.'No, Sir. Got nuthin' to pay for 'em with.'
'Well, what have you to trade me for some
of those peas?'…

Single Father Carries Son With Disabilities 9 Miles Everyday To Get Him To School

Yu Xukang, 40, is a single father who works as a farmer to support his 12-year-old son, Xiao Qiang.Xiao suffers from a crippling disorder that has rendered his arms and legs twisted and his back hunched. At three feet tall, Xiao has difficulty walking.The pair lives in the Sichuan Province in China, however Yu found it difficult to find a nearby school that could accommodate his son.“I know that my son is physically disabled but there is nothing wrong with his mind,” Yu said in a statement to Central European News, “However, I couldn’t find any school here with the facilities to accept him and he was constantly rejected.”
When Fengxi Primary School accepted Xiao there was no doubt in Yu’s mind what was do be done, despite the fact that the school was located four and a half miles from his home.Beginning last September, Yu woke up at 5am each day, secured Xiao to his back in a basket and carried the young boy across rugged terrain to school.Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 10.54.28 PM
Yu woul…

Power, Money, Happiness: Why You Can’t Have All Three

Our new generation has dramatically changed. The perception of what we desire to achieve overshadows our ultimate purpose. Some work the ranks of power, some chase money at all costs, and more importantly, some forget the true meaning of happiness: love.What is your ultimate goal in life? Do you want to become President of the United States and the most powerful person on the planet? Or is your aim in life to join the billionaires’ club and become part of the wealthiest elite in the world so every materialistic object is at your leisure? There’s nothing wrong with, either, just the moral aptitude you choose to accomplish each.These are aspirations many people have. Or maybe they’ll settle, instead, for becoming a governor and not president; or CEO of a Fortune 500 company and not a Top Ten company; or maybe becoming a simple multi-millionaire instead of a billionaire. Either way, these goals are all fixated on measuring success through the accumulation of power and money.My take is th…

7 Trade Secrets To How Creative People Constantly Stay Innovative

Creativity is basically innovation; there really is minimal difference. For whatever reason, we prefer to use creativity when we are speaking of anything in relation to the arts, usually on a smaller scale; whereas, we prefer innovativeness when we’re addressing industries.Or is it that we use innovation when the product is to be sold and used by consumers, and use creativity when the product is made purely for the pleasure of utilization?The truth is, the greatest engineers, inventors, CEOs and other visionaries rely on their creativity to take their product from good to great. Likewise, the greatest artists aren’t simply great because they’re creative, but also because they are innovative – even if only using an innovative technique or medium. Although many will distinguish between creativity and innovation, I feel that they are two sides of the same coin.These creative/innovative individuals are able to accomplish great things. However, staying creative and innovative takes a whole…

Lupita Nyong’o RUMORED To Star In Lead Role In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

Academy Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o may possibly have landed a new lead role. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the “12 Years a Slave” star met with director J.J. Abrams a few weeks before the Oscars. She’s supposedly in talks for the female lead role in the highly anticipated sci-fi film "Star Wars: Episode VII."There aren’t any details on the actual role but one possibility is that of a descendent of Obi-Wan Kenobi, described as a role for someone of color.Lupita and her stylist Macaela Erlanger graced the cover of The Hollywood Reporter for their 25 Most Powerful Stylists list. Macaela found herself at the top of the list and she dished on working with Lupita during Awards season, which was nothing short of amazing.

GRACE inspired by past.akomaye ugar

Grace this word called grace is amazing,what is the meaning of grace today in church,by the way i am a member of the honey stream christian centre,march is the month of grace. Divine grace is a theological term present in many religions. It has been defined as the divine influence which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, to inspire virtuous impulses, and to impart strength to endure trial and resist temptation and as an individual virtue or excellence of divine originjesus came that we may have lifeand life more abundantlyby grace we have been saved so dont live in the past but look into the future with God in it.
Try reading romans 5:17God has given us Grace for productivityinspired by past.akomaye ugar


Chris Brown is on his way to jail right now, because he violated a judge's order by getting booted from the rehab facility where he's been living for nearly 4 months ... TMZ has learned.  The judge in the Rihanna beating case ordered Chris to live in the Malibu rehab facility for 90 days to get anger management therapy, and he completed the stint earlier this month.  BUT ... at the last court hearing, the judge modified things and ordered Chris to stay in the facility while the Washington D.C. assault case ran its course.The deal was this ... if Chris left rehab, he would go directly to jail.Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Brown was thrown out of the rehab facility this morning, for violating "internal rules."  We do not know precisely what Chris did, but we're told it did not involve violence or drugs.Sources tell TMZ ... Chris was caught having "an inappropriate relationship" with a female worker at the beginning of the month, but tha…

No Worries: 5 Things All 20-Somethings Need To Stop Freaking Out About

Whoever said that one’s 20s are supposed to be the best time in life must have had a few loose screws. That’s not to say there aren’t some pretty notable perks to these years, but all the freedom can strike some serious fear.Completely vulnerable, you are thrown into the real world to fend for yourself — filing taxes, dealing with d-bags and the general obligation to be responsible despite an embarrassingly low bank account balance. It’s not easy and it’s terrifying.Still, there’s no excuse for wasting your 20s wallowing in worry. You may not be invincible, but you have youth and a high tolerance to alcohol on your side.Not having your dream job.
For some inexplicable reason, we all enter our 20s with a vision of effortlessly landing a job in our desired field. The reality is that for some of us, it’s just not in the cards right away. For some of us, it is possible, but many of us will realize that we were all wrong about our ideal careers. It’s okay to feel like you’re struggling a l…

Why Finding ‘The One’ Is Nearly Impossible But We Do It Anyway

I always hear people say, “When you’ve met the one, you know you’ve met the one.” Honestly, though, I can’t imagine it actually works that way. What about all of the individuals who thought they met the one until coming to realize he or she wasn’t the one when the relationship didn’t last? They “knew” they met the one until the relationship continued and failed rather than prospered. If “knowing” that someone is the one is all that’s needed, then the majority of people have let go and lost “the one” several times before finding their final “one.”Overall, the concept of “the one” I find to be a bit bothersome. Not in the sense that there isn’t or couldn’t be one person in our lives who makes it worth living, but the idea that there could only be one person in the world who could fulfill our dreams. I’d rather believe that there are plenty of individuals out there who could potentially be the one.What people need to come to realize is that we function in a reality governed by space and …

7 Habits You Should Adopt Today To Cultivate Success And Happiness

Menu7 Habits You Should Adopt Today To Cultivate Success And Happiness
7 Habits You Should Adopt Today To Cultivate Success And Happiness
You’d be shocked by how easy it is to work your ass off for much of your life and still end up with nothing to show for it. This only further proves the point that achieving success requires more than just hard work. Being successful is more than just a particular set of skills or talent in a field. Being successful is a lifestyle.When I say success, I don’t mean through quantitative measures like money, but rather, being the best version of myself that I can possibly be. It means living the exact life I want to live every single day I wake up and get out of bed. My benchmark for accomplishment has always been a vivid, idyllic scene in which I have not only achieved everything I sought to do, but have done so while maintaining sanity and happiness.As you trudge through the swamps and perilous t…

7 Terms That Are Used To Damage Women And The Actual Effect They Have

Hey, you over there, calling that girl a slut behind her back. Have you forgotten that ladies are real people, too?We need to stop being looked at as something to be described and discarded — women are not objects. We have dynamic identities, multifaceted personalities and a lot more than our skinny arms or kill counts going for us.It’s time we confront the terms that label women and instead promote the ones that engage women. And ladies, remember: Stigmas are only as powerful as you let them be.Here are the seven terms that damage women and how we can effectively react to them:1. Slutty
Quite possibly the vaguest term on the planet (honestly, between LiLo’s sex list and any Lifetime movie, what constitutes slutty these days?), calling a girl slutty — especially in her pre-pubescent years — is equating sexuality with shame for the better part of her developing sexual encounters.This word, and its evil stepsisters “whore” and “loose,” are now only used by vocabulary-challenged frat bo…

Answers To The 12 Biggest Questions Surrounding The Disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370

Authorities announced Tuesday that they will expand the search area for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared without warning early Saturday with 239 people on board.Widespread speculation about what might have caused the plane to go missing has run rampant since it vanished, ranging from pilot error, to technical malfunction, to even hijacking and terrorism.As the frantic search to locate the missing jet continues, we attempt to answer some of the more perplexing questions stemming from the mysterious disappearance of Flight 370.1. Where was the plane going and where is its last known location?
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia en route to Beijing, China, at 12:41 am, carrying 227 passengers, including three Americans and 12 crew members.The plane was expected to land in Beijing at 6:30 am after traveling 2,700 miles. According to reports, radar was able to track the flight as it traveled from Malaysia’s mainland and c…

PHOTOS:Check Out Tonto Dike New Tattoo

Hey guys,mehn tattoos ard painful and this chick decided to get another,this one is large,hot?or not.

PHOTOS:Guess who is who

I found this pictures of the web,guess who is who.

Olamide And Boo In Timberland!!! - Celebrities -

Olamide is one of the many celebrities who does not hide his love for his girlfriend.
The rapper who is in London teamed up with his girlfriend, Aisha who is said to be from a good Muslim background, and they have been touring Uk for his shows together.
Cute couple if you ask me!
checkout photo of them rocking timberland boots below………That Nigerian Rapper Olamide is madly in love with his girlfriend of many years, Aisha Sulaimon is not news.Olamide aka 'Badoo' who doesn't hesitate to flaunt his boo recently gave his girlfriend a birthday shout-out some days ago and currently they are both in the UK for his Birmingham show.Olamide who once revealed how much he loves his girlfriend was quoted in an interview as saying "She was there when I was jumping on Okadas" also posted the above photo with caption "Birthday party in Birmingham after show.. 1soul I don't joke with after my mama.. Let me zone her she's like my sister lol.

Beyonce & Jay Z Take Blue Ivy To The Park & DINE OUT In Dublin, Ireland

Beyonce headed to Ireland this week with her world tour.  See pics of her, Jay Z and Blue Ivy during their down time inside...With her "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" thrilling fans in Ireland, Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy made the most of their down time with a family stroll through the Phoenix Park Visitors Centre's playground in Dublin.
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Robin Thicke has made significant headway in his campaign to win his wife back, because multiple sources directly connected to the couple tell TMZ ... Paula Patton is open to giving him another chance.We're told Robin and Paula never stopped communicating.  They talk constantly, but she was very clear the day she dumped him ... she wanted a DIVORCE.Our sources say the tone of the conversations has changed, and the 2 of them are now talking about what Robin needs to do to convince Paula that the marriage can work to her satisfaction.She has not hired a divorce lawyer, we're told, and has no plans to do so.  We're told their phone conversations have been productive.  But here's what hasn't been productive ... she's not impressed with Robin's on-stage pronouncements of love.She is impressed that Robin has been a good dad since the split, seeing their kid when he can and keeping in touch when he's on the road.As for the tone of the conversations ... we'…

Christina Milian CELEBRATES Violet's 4th Birthday At LA ZOO With Amber Rose & Bash, Tamar & Logan, & More

Christina Milian threw her daughter Violet a birthday party at LA Zoo over the weekend.  See pics of Amber Rose, Tamar Braxton and more having fun inside...Over the weekend, Christina Milian partnered with the LA Zoo to throw a 4th birthday bash for her daughter Violet.  The kids were treated to cotton candy, cake, rides and fun with the animals. The party was attended by many of Christina's Hollywood friends, including Laura Govan.Hollywood moms Tamar and Amber Rose posed with their little ones Logan and Sebastian.  Amber tweeted, "Lol Bash damn near fell outta my arms he didn't wanna take this pic at all! Hey Tamar hey Logan!"  Vince Herbert (atop) was also a part of the fun.
Happy Birthday Violet!
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SPOTTED: Rihanna & Drake Dine On The Down Low In London

Drake and Rihanna were spotted sneaking out of a London restaurant. Find out the deets of their dinner date inside…It seems Drake and Rihanna just can’t get enough of one another. Saturday night in Brussels, Drake made a "Would You Like A Tour" stop at the Palais 12. Rihanna was in attendance to show support for her homie-lover-friend smiling, rapping and singing along in the sound booth.On Sunday, the two linked up at Nobu restaurant in London where they enjoyed dinner and each other’s company for 2 hours.Rihanna was spotted leaving the restaurant rocking a custom-designed red, white and blue Dead Boys Clubhouse hoody with the word “f*ck” printed down the sleeves. She paired her hoody with an Azzedine Alaia coat, ripped Acne's Generic Girl jeans and silver Christian Louboutin pumps.Drake was seen leaving seconds after Rihanna, rocking a denim outfit paired with black Timbs and a charcoal colored pea coat.After dinner, the twosome were reportedly heading to Power House r…

Nicki Minaj & Safaree Samuels Wear Matching Rings, CELEBRATE Their "10th ANNIVERSARY" In Cabo

Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels and a few of their pals headed to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate 10-years recently. But...10 years of what exactly? We're not too sure, but they ARE wearing matching rings on their ring fingers. See pics from the trip inside...Matching rings in their wedding ring fingers? Hmmm...Nicki was on the way to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate "10-years."  Now, she and Safaree Samuels have never confirmed their "relationship", but between the face tattoos and pics of teddy bears and roses, we have to assume this is their tenth anniversary of coupledom.  This is more than just "thanks for being my hype man for all these years."She said, "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. #Year10"In Cabo........ photo 49434bcca73d11e3a802125c560acf71_8.jpg  photo c9a6cbf4a73d11e3ad1b121481e60c34_8.jpg  photo df87e3f2a74411e3b97e12d68666deb8_8.jpg photo c9d417b6a73911e3a9da12f5459fb803_8.jpgNicki, …

The 9 Morals Every 20-Something Needs To Live By

By definition, morals are “a person’s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do.” As we continue on this journey called life, we shape and flesh out our values and principles based around what we find to be most important.So what morals should you carry with you every day?We’re all made of flesh and blood.
Who are you to act superior to someone else? Unless you possess the ability to shape shift into a Chipotle burrito or Beyoncé, I will regard you as my equal. Our generation acts so entitled and for what purpose? I don’t care how many cars you have in your garage or what affluent suburb you come from. Stay humble; no one likes a prick who thinks he or she is better than everyone else.Life is funny.
Life is funny, if not hilarious. Imagine you ate sh*t on some stairs; the best way to get over something so embarrassing is simply to laugh about it (laughing releases endorphins, you know). Don’t take anything too seriously — you’ll be glad y…


Robin Thicke was shockingly candid as he arrived in Washington D.C. Thursday afternoon ... making it clear he's not throwing in the towel on his marriage, telling our photog, "I'm just trying to get her back."TMZ broke the story ... Paula Patton called him last Friday and said their marriage was over, and Robin flew to Canada -- where she was filming -- in a desperate but failed attempt to change her mind. As we reported ... things really fell apart after Robin simulated sex with Miley Cyrus onstageat the VMAs last month.  But Robin told our photog, the performance had nothing to do with his marital problems.Our sources say Paula was livid and felt "utterly disrespected" by Robin's antics with Miley.Robin is in D.C. for a concert Thursday night.  He says his performance will be the same, even though some of his songs are about Paula.He told our photog he's just trying to figure things out.