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OSUSU, A Traditional Way Of Saving In Africa

Growing up, i new this method of saving as contribution,courtesy my mum,recently a friend told me it  was called Osusu in Nigeria. I immediately liked how the word sounded, hence the title of this post. For generations, women in Africa have assembled in clubs - small or large - once a week, once every two weeks or once a month. It's an opportunity to socialize over good food and music, more importantly to collect contributions for members. The contribution amounts are set and equal for everyone. They are generally nominal - 500, 1000, 5000 Hairs  - amounts reflecting the financial means of the women in the club, roughly 1 to 4 US dollars. They can be much substantial for women of more capable means.
  Women use the monies or fabrics collected to begin businesses, clothe their children and themselves, and save for the future of their families. Nowadays, the system has expanded to include some men clubs and has developped in big business in many African countries.If you have knowle…


Oh Yesss oO! The Part 2 don enter Alaba o.
Akunnaya Films in
association with Ezenwa Pictures presents
ogbonge movie "ASUU STRIKE PART 2".
Dis one na movie wey don pass movie
oooooo. Dem nor dey miss dis one
oooo, even blind person dey listen to d
audio, deaf dey look d pictures
for screen, u must to watch am by urself.
Come hear
the true story behind dis ASUU Strike
Come hear why dem sack Ruqayyat Ahmed
Rufai-For this Part 2 you go see as dem takeU
kill Prof iyayi, as e car take
somersault, come see as Gov idris wada
dey smile drive dey go e nor
send, come hear prof iyayi final words wen
go c all for dis movie.
Come see as ASUU dey reject billions like
change..... ewoo ooo
Chai com c as university student dey
suffer, boys don do lebuke tire so
tay 6 pack come fallout, girls don tire for
kitchen.... See Mata o!!_
rich man no even worry.
Leaders no even send. Wetin poor man go
do. Kai!

Guilty Pleasures house party

Ladies and gentlemen of akwacross
community and. Its environs,it my
pleasure to bring to you guilty
pleasures,an exclusive house Party coming.
This december,It starts by 6, ladies free
till 8. Gate 2k reg, 4k vip
Its on the 19th, davvy apartments asari
eso off mcc. calabar,so personally I might
Be there to rock a Joint cause I
categorically heard from the boss untop
that skunk will be there to perform
live,sista sisha too,so. am inclined to
practically,vibrate davvy apartments on
that beautiful join me people,my
room no: is Rm 409
No gate crashing strictly by. IVADD:7C0E0D3,2A50AE00,27713130

ASUU: Nigerians speak their Minds

All of u saying that Govt. Should pay ASUU
for the lost 4 months, I meant 5 FREAKING
MONTHS are either silly OR EVEN MORE
silly. When has it been that u don't work
and u get paid.  *deleted* If ur parent(s)
is a lecturer. I'm sorry for my harsh
But it will be harsh anyway.
I'm trying to read one Lecture note now.
Can any of u guess when the Note was
If ur guess was within the 2000s u are so
wrong that I weep for u.
If ur guess was in the 1900s u understand
the method.
This note was compiled in 1989. All the
research sources were dated 1970 and
above. So tell me is it the fund the Govt
will be providing that is going to change
their notes and attitudes to work.
That they should be paid allowances for
doing their work. Then what the hell was
their salaries 4. Wen this thing started, I
was thinking it was salary again. Instead
it was Junk. Junk I tell you.
Wen we resume they want to threaten us
to buy one certain unknown book else we
won't pass.
I say G…

Run!!! Five Kinds Of Women Every Man Should Avoid

Relationships are good.The
various Holybook recommend marriage,and most men want to settle down with someone good.
However,If you are a woman and unable to find a man who consistently enjoys your company then there is a problem.
Being judgemental and generalising:
A few bad experiences don't mean all men are the same.Making such an assertion is not only wrong,it affects your judgement of men and consequently affects how you relate to them.A woman who generalises is usually quick to read the wrong meanings into a man's action and usually reacts irrationally before even considering their actions.No man will stick around too long if he's always feeling attacked and misunderstood.
Easy catch:
I can bet that a man will avoid you if he knows you have slept with every available man on your street or a sizeable number of men in your school.No man wants to settle for the chaff when the substance has been lost.
It makes a man insecure to know that he is dating an "easy catch&q…

ASUU:Real story on nec meeting

This is a message I just gotRumour, trash it!!! some people no sabi english,The strike will be over
soonThe rumour going viral on social media
that ASUU had postponed her NEC meeting
to Jan. 15, 2014 due to Prof.(Comrade)
Festus Iyayi death is a lie! please
disregard it as such information didn't
emanate from ASUU at all. Probably, from
the myopic figment of imagination of some
questionable characters, who are
determined to destroy the image of the
body. It is highly unfortunate that
personality like Dele Momodu will be part of
those spreading this scandalous
information on his twitter account without
verifying it. ASUU has not mention
anything like Jan 15 except postponing the
NEC meeting from the way check out my best tweets on tweeter today: Essien Dnova (@dan_d_gooner)November
13, 2013“Hahah@mr_razus: Lord plz let 1
more ASUU member die on dia way bck frm
kano. Maybe den ASUU wil include burial
allowance in dia agreement”Thanks for d info! Since ASUU strike began,

ASUU Strike 2013 Update: Strike Slated to End on Thursday

The ASUU strike 2013 continues, but the latest update appears to be good news–most of the union branches voted in meetings on Monday to end the strike.
The meetings were held across Nigeria following a marathon meeting last week between union leadership and President Jonathan Goodluck and Goodluck’s team of negotiators.
Based on the results coming out of the branch meetings, it appears the clear majority of branches voted to end the strike.
Next comes a National Executive Council meeting of the branch leaders on Wednesday in Kano.
If the council moves to end the strike, then the final step would be a meeting with President Jonathan on Thursday, and then the strike would be over.
Some university students are already preparing to return to their respective campuses, reported the Leadership.
The president spoke at an educational exhibition in Abuja, saying:
“We need therefore to be conscious of the impact on our children, institutions and the country at large, of unnecessary disrupti…

Photos:Rich kids in abuja drag racing with my cars

Rich Kids in Abuja Pull Stunt with Expensive
Cars ever Sunday In AbujaMoney is good. .I repeat Money is good.
.LolSo, According to DeleMomodu, Some rich
kids pull stunts every Sunday with
expensive cars till the tyres catch fire +
those screeching sounds the tyres make like
em' formula 1 drivers...and funniest /amazing part is that a crowd gathers to
watch these rich kids drive like that Every
Sunday is some part of abuja!See wetin this children dey do with money! why asuu no go vexHmmn. .More photos below..Culled from DeleMomodu's Instagram Page abj rocks
akwa-cross dey watch una wiv red eye