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The Story behind bobby okon proposal

My people my people, I can't stop laughing anyways the truth is Bobby okon is still single and Sarah and B Stitches #eyegang are still crazily in love so please officially my friends are still very much as they where twas a joke ooooooo,cause I know some people can do amebo make una no go tatafoo, cause my friends parents haven't collected drink untop their head yet o *wink*,pic from the birthday;

Calabar most wanted presenter bobby okon proposes on his birthday

Wow Congrats to Bobby as he joins the latest lord of rings to get engaged. Congrats Bobby and Sarah #Bobby proposes on his birthday

Ways To Know You Are a Typical Nigerian Mum #diamondtrut #diary #mother

Mercy Johnson aka Mama PurityLets be honest with ourselves, the typical Nigerian mum is a unique and beautiful creature created by only by God.
The typical Nigerian mum is full of life, social, fashionable and is passionate about her family.
We asked a group of Nigerian mums, what they feel are the characteristics of the typical Nigerian mum and the following are some of the replies they gave us.
1. You are referred to as ‘Mama Somebody’
You know you are a Nigerian mum when you are referred to as Mama Nkechi or Mama Tolu. As soon as that child comes out of you, your identity changes. You become ‘Mama Somebody’.
2. You are an expert in the art of backing a child
You cannot call yourself a Nigerian mum if you have never backed your child. Haba.
I remember days when I will come home for work in my suit and will back my child to make dinner even in my work clothes, because I did not have domestic help.
The first trick any Nigerian mother or mother-in-law will teach her female child is the art of …

RED MEAT VS WHITE MEAT #Diamondtrut #diary

Red meat: Beef milks the energy out of other foods and gets it through to your muscles. The Department of Agriculture found 100g of beef - the equivalent of a slap-in-the-pan minute steak - gives you 17% of your RDA of vitamin B12 and 33% of B6. What do they do? Well, they release the oomph from carbs, with a study at Oregon State University, US, finding athletes who had sufficient levels of B vitamins had more energy for demanding sports. So next time you baulk at the price of beef, remember, it’s making the rest of your diet more effective. White meat: You’ll get 197 calories from 100g of chicken meat which will give you more play than the measly 142 calories you’ll get from a 100g chunk of hide. Admittedly the fowl does have 2% less B vitamins than red meat but your energy supply will be revived with the extra 55 calories that make up for the bull’s calorie shortfall. Muscle Red meat: A 100g slab of steak give your hungry muscles 21g of protein which isn’t bad, but more is less wi…