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Anna Gordy Gaye -- Marvin Gaye's ex-wife and older sister to Motown founder Berry Gordy -- died early this morning in Los Angeles ... TMZ has learned.Sources close to the family tell us Anna died at home from natural causes. Family members discovered she had died around 3AM.Anna and Marvin got married in 1964, and she was a huge influence on his career. She co-composed two hits on his classic "What's Going On" album.Marvin said his hit song "Pride and Joy" was inspired by his courtship of Anna back in the early 60s.They had one child together -- Marvin Gaye III -- and eventually divorced in 1977. While they were estranged ... Marvin wrote "Anna's Song." It was released in 1978.Anna was 92 years old.

Photos: Kids recreate celeb looks at the 2014 Grammy Awards

Adorable kid models recreate celeb looks at the 2014 Grammy Awards. It's the work of photographer Tricia Messeroux for her yearly ToddleWood project. See more photos after the cut...

Nigerian gay pastor Rev. Jide Macaulay writes about acceptance

i wunt publish the letter but please why should a this guy be called pastor,dem swear for am?his father has rejected him sef.tufiakwa

Beyonce shares more adorable family photos

beyonce just sent me these pics,blu ivy fine eh.....Beyonce shares beautiful photos of herself, Jay Z and their daughter Blue Ivy on her personal blog. See more photos after the cut...


I woke up today and was feeling so reflective,was just thinking about life in general,things that i have missed out on,and the things that have missed out on me,right now am kinda sad and happy at the same time,whats that feeling called.anyways just felt like giving my word for today,which is LOVE,when i say love today,it means to me share,give,bless someones life,inspire somebody,mentor sombody,you arent too small or old make an impact,my dear DT readers try your best to touch someones life today,you might never know what your love is doing to a person's life,but surely if your love is truly from the heart will change someone or something in the atmosphere,
love and be loved.Remember love moves moves mountains,love conquers all,Anie loves you but God loves you more.ciao

Keri Hilson and handsome NBA boyfriend Serge Ibaka part ways after making fufu.kai

Despite making fufu for her boo, it wasn't enough to keep him.kinda sad but According to reports singer Keri Hilson, 31, and her 24 year old Congolese-Spanish professional basketball player Serge Jonas Ibaka Ngobila, have called it quits after dating for about a year. MTO reports that their relationships has been on the rocks for a while thanks to his constant cheating and her constant desire to get married. From Power 105.1 FM:
Singer Keri Hilson and NBA Baller Serge Ibaka confirms that they are no longer togther. She’s been working on her new album and it looks like its going to be a heartbreaking and sorrowing.
A source close to the singer, says that Keri built her whole world around Serge, she was even putting her album on hold from time to time to travel with her baller around the globe. Also this isn’t the first time that they’ve split, but in recent months it grew even worst and now this is the final split!
From the looks of her Instagram, she has just been posting messages…

Ebube Nwagbo Pregnant For Her Fellow Actor Chigozie (photos) - Celebrities

Chigozie Atuanya impregnanted Ebube Nwagbo in this yet to be titled, Igbo movie. The movie is currently filming in Enugu.Starring are Nollywood stars, Queen Nwaokoye, Ebube Nwagbo, Ebere Okaru, Obi Nmadubuoku, Chigozie Atuanya and others.The movie is directed by Nollywood A-list director, Ikechukwu Onyeka, and produced by Stanley Ebonime.*i scared you guys right*.lolcurled from

8 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend/husband. - Romance

1. “You’re just like your father."
According to and many
psychologists, this is a cruel way of poking at
your husband's fear that he exhibits the worst
traits of his father. He wants to be his own man!2. “When are you going to find a new job?”
According to a leading marriage psychologist, a
man evaluates himself partially on how he can
take care of his family. Pestering him about
when he is going to venture into the job hunt is
akin to insulting his ability to take care of you
and his children.3. “My mother warned me you’d do this!”
This can be interpreted as ganging up on your
spouse; by bringing your mother into the
argument, you are establishing that there are
others on your side of the issue, and that he is
out numbered.4. “Just leave it––I’ll do it myself!"
This can hurt your husband doubly, because it
takes away from his ability to take care of his
family, and it insinuates that he can't do
something right - even something as simple as
cleaning up…


if you're the kind of person who likes to
stay on the safer side of things, you might
not think that there are many reasons to
take a chance. I used to think this way until
I realized that I couldn't live my entire life
without taking any risks. Over time, you'll
realize that there are many important
reasons to take a chance and become
more comfortable with the idea of it. To get
you started, here is my list of why I like to
take chances.1. One of the more obvious reasons to take
a chance is that the outcome is always a
surprise. Although there is a chance that
taking a risk can end badly, you'll never
know if there could have been some really
great outcomes too!2. You'll Regret It If You Don't
Speaking of nagging, have you ever missed
out on taking a chance and experienced
that nagging feeling of regret? I know I
have felt this unpleasant pang of regret one
too many times.3. We only get this one life to live so why
not live it up, right? It is scary to think a…

Her marriage is already over, after a whirlwind romance and fairy-tale wedding

In 2007, actress, singer, entrepreneur, model and author, the very beautiful Hilary Duff began dating Canadian NHL player Mike Comrie. They announced their engagement in February 2010 and had a fairy-tale wedding on August 14th 2010. Hilary said at the time that her wedding was everything she had hoped it would be and that she married her prince-charming, her soul mate. Fast forward to 3 years later, and it's over. Hilary, 26, and Mike, 33, announced their separation on January 10th 2014 after only 3 years of marriage. The actress accused her estranged husband of not 'putting enough effort into their relationship'. The couple reportedly went to marriage counseling for 18 months to try and find the spark again. "But recently he wasn't doing any of the things they'd worked on," A source told Us weekly "The spark was no longer there. They are better as friends." The couple have a 22 months old son, Luca.

The Obama marriage is on the rocks, according to National Enquirer

Thank God this report is from National Enquirer and not TMZ. So please take it with a very large portion of salt...:-). Find it below...
Under the headline Obama Divorce Bombshell!, the National Enquirer claims their 21-year marriage has dissolved in a string of ugly fights that were prompted by the Mandela memorial incident and — far more outrageously — Mrs Obama’s discovery that Secret Service bodyguards had been covering up infidelity on her husband’s part.
It’s an allegation the White House has declined to comment on, though after Bill Clinton’s trouser-dropping scandals, Americans would be rather less sanguine about any extra-marital activity than the French appear to be over President Francois Hollande’s behaviour.
Mrs Obama, the Enquirer claims, intends to stand by her husband until his presidency is over, at which time he will move back to Hawaii, where he grew up, and she will stay in Washington with their children. Continue...For the moment, they are allegedly sleeping in se…

Steve Harvey Gets CLEARED Of Horrific Child Abuse Allegations

Steve Harvey had most of his kids on his talk show recently, and it seems everything is all good with his son  Steve's been officially cleared of horrible child abuse allegations.  Pics inside...Remember back in 2011 when all that drama was going down between Steve Harvey and his ex wife Mary, who claimed that Steve was didn't care about their now 16-year-old son Wynton and simply took him (their only child together) from her to spite her? Well he's finally been cleared of all charges of recent child abuse allegations from when Wynton was 11.  And it seems Wynton is loving living with dad (based on social media postings).Apparently, a judge held Mary in contempt and sent her to jail on Thursday for leaking sealed allegations to media.  Y'all know she's still mad and trying her damndest to get back at Steve for their split and what went down.According to TMZ:As for the incident ... according to a police report -- obtained by TMZ -- Mary claims Steve go…

2015 Presidency: Oshiomole will have my vote - Fashola

Lagos State governor, Babatunde
Fashola, has said he will support his
Edo State counterpart, Adams
Oshiomhole, should the latter decide
to take a shot at the Presudency.
Speaking in Benin City on Sarurday at
a Youth Summit organised by the Edo
State government, with the theme,
“Nigeria’s Centenary: Defining the
Issues and Setting Agenda for the
Future of our Youths”, held in Benin
City, Fashola said: “If Governor
Adams Oshiomhole decides to run as
President of this country, he will have
my vote.
“He is the kind of leader that Nigeria
needs. I say that because, I have
spent five memorable years of my life
in Benin City as an undergraduate
and as a Youth Corper, and they are
very fond memories that I hold dear in
my heart today.
“I am always looking forward to
coming here each time I am invited.
The excitement to come here is in at
an all-time high.
“Since my brother assumed office as
your governor, because every time
that I come here, for all the right
reasons, Benin City has not remai…

Different Levels Of Friendzone part 2

3. Gay level have you even had a female friend who will rather go shopping with you than her boyfriend? Like she would rather chat with you for hours about minor and sometimes serious things which she would not feel comfortable discussing with her boyfriend because you are understanding. You are that person she gets advices for and don’t be surprised that you know everything about her including her shoes size and best color. She will gladly take you everywhere and will do everything with you. While you wallow in joy that she is with you always, he boyfriend is doing real guy stuff with his friends and being what guys are and is happy she has you. He is happy that she won’t be in his hair and asking her what color to wear to work or what hairstyle will go with a party theme, all she has to do is ask you and you have the best answer. Hell she would even tell you what a great friend you are and how she finds it easy to connect with you than other guys. Let’s see it this way, what boyfrie…

Different Levels Of Friendzone part 1

I have identified some levels of friendzone that guys find
themselves, i swear I can't believe I even thought this poo up. Of course my friends in UNILAG did some of the thinking gringrinThese levels are not all. Some other levels exist which I know I have not thought of yet.
1. Errand boy level; This is a class of guys who girls only use to do certain things they can’t do themselves. You know when you are the best student in a class and sometimes the girls come over and ask that you help them out to write a term paper or do their assignment. Perhaps you are their neighbor who they will naturally not even look at twice but when their electricity has a fault, you are the first person they come to. That is what you are: you are simply good for errands and that is where it ends but if you are at this point, there is hope. You are in what is called the “A ba eleja yan” zonegringringringringringrin. An “a ba eleja yan” is a Yoruba term for someone who is doing a job for the owner and…
Miss Nigeria, Ezinne Akudo, has posted on Instagram the photos of her so-to-say "posing" with a lion in a Mauritius Zoo.
Photo: Ezinne Akudo poses with a lion in the zoo
It looks like the national beauty has been enjoying her vacation a lot.The original caption under the pics reads:
"The man looked at me and said ‘the lion was brought here when it was 3 months old. It’s not trained,it’s not’s just used to having human beings around’ .. And I was like ‘what does that even mean? a lion is a lion!’ Hehehehe… ’twas the scariest moment of my life."
Photo: Ezinne Akudo poses with a lion in the zoohmmmm if anyfin should happen twas the witch from her village o....

NEWLYWEDS: Bobbi Christina & Nick Gordon REVEAL Honeymoon Plans...And Say Cissy Houston Gave Her Blessing

Newlyweds Bobbi Christina Brown and Nick Gordon dished on honeymoon plans and their strained relationship with Cissy Houston in a new interview.  Watch the clip inside...During a candid street interview with TMZ, Bobbi Christina and Nick Gordon confirmed their recent nuptials and revealed that they've repaired their relationship with Cissy Houston.Although Cissy's controversial open letter slammed Bobbi and Nick's relationship a few months ago, the couple said that Cissy has given them her "blessing."  Oh?Bobbi also said her mom, Whitney Houston, would have been thrilled that she and Nick married.  "This is exactly what she wanted."  Oh?Oddly, in both the interview and on Twitter, Bobbi Kris alludes to them having an "official" ceremony before God soon.  She doesn't say if they've already gone to the Justice of the Peace or not. seems they would have had to in order to be "married" currently.The couple will head to …

LOVE STORY: Steve & Marjorie Harvey Cover ESSENCE Mag's February 2014 Issue, Dishes "Long Lasting Love" Advice (Of Course)

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Steve and Marjorie Harvey opened up to ESSENCE about their marriage and creating a love that lasts.  More inside.....The February 2014 cover of ESSENCE Magazine features successful host (The Steve Harvey Morning Show; Family Feud; The Steve Harvey Show) and author Steve Harvey and his wife of seven years Marjorie Harvey.  While we've followed Steve and his romantic journey (which includes two ex-wives and a prolonged court battle with ex-Mary Harvey), it seems like THIS's going to last.   Because the twosome seem to have all kinds of knowledge on how they'll make it happen.Inside the issue, the couple dish on creating a love that lasts and Steve opens up about changing his life since meeting Marjorie.  He said,  "Everything I because of this girl right here." Inside, they share highlights from their love story:On meeting at a Memphis comedy club:Steve said he stood on stage and said, "I don't kno…

Mr. & Mrs. Carter: Jay Z & Beyonce SHARE Pics From Miami Vacay, Rent Out JUNGLE ISLAND For Blue Ivy's 2nd Birthday

The Carters recently celebrated the second birthday of Blue Ivy Carter while in Miami, FL.  See pics inside.....
Blue Ivy Carter and her parents, Jay-Z & Beyonce (atop), were spotted leaving Joey's restaurant in Miami, Florida, on Tuesday, where they had lunch a few days ago. The family dined on two pizzas and two salads.Beyonce paid homage to her hit song "Drunk In Love" in a "Surfboard" Crew Neck Sweatshirt which she paired with a Dsquared2 Quebec Bag, an All Saints Valtari Necklace and Azzedine Alaia Lace-Up Suede Ankle Boots.Earlier in the day, the family celebrated Blue Ivy's at the Miami Zoo where the Carters rented out Jungle Island, a botanical bird sanctuary, wildlife habitat, and botanical garden. You'll recall that Jay posted a tribute to Blue on his website a few days ago too.  And Mama bey created a new Tumblr for Blue's b0day so fans could submit their own messages.On a side note, Black Twitter has been dragging the Carters because…

#SelfieOlympics Are Here To Prove Selfies Will Only Get Crazier In 2014

Selfie” may have been 2013′s word of the year,albeit a really annoying one. The bad news is that it’s not going away anytime soon in 2014.A new trend has cropped up on Twitter in recent days encouraging extreme self-portraits tagged with #selfieolympics, #selfiegame, and #and1selfieleague — a reference to the AND1 street basketball team known for letting its players show off individual skills.While some of the photos are decidedly NSFW (you’ve been warned!!!), tweeters are doing everything from showing off balancing acts in their bathrooms to recreating entire scenes, mostly in a classic selfie spot: their bathroom.Yes, many of these leave us concerned for their wellbeing.All joking aside, and this goes without saying: Please don’t take any selfie that might get you hurt. :)With the Sochi Winter Olympics just over a month away, it hard to say whether this is a parody of the Games, or just Weird Twitter rearing its head in a new, bizarre way. Take a peek and you decide!


Women If You Do This It Will Send Your Man Into The Arms Of The Other Woman.

Women if you do any of this often it will automatically send your man into the arms of another woman. This has nothing to do with love,this is something that weary men. Below are some of those things that can send your man away. 1. Nag/troublesome
2. Always suspicious
3. Too inquisitive
4. Boring sex including not being adventrous when he is.
5. Too demanding
6. Trying to be authoritative including always challenging his authority
7. Constantly Disobeying him.
8. When you are not intellectually sound
9. Dirty
10. Abusive/cursing/lack respect including always talking in a disrespectful way.If you constantly do any of this,no need suspecting if he's cheating or not because your action is enough to push him into doing so. Nothing makes a man lose interest in his woman than constantly bugging him with unnecessary issues. Men and women don't reason alike and so issues that bothers men are not those that bothers women,women worry more when it comes to emotional issues than men..

R.I.P. "Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" Actor James Avery, DEAD At 68 (UPDATE)

Actor James Avery, who rose to fame on "Fresh Prince of Bel Air", passed away last night.  More inside....
Last night, James Avery, passed away at an L.A. hospital after a battle with an undisclosed illness.  TMZ confirmed the death earlier today, disclosing that James (age 68) had undergone surgery and taken a turn for the worse yesterday.Sources say his wife, who had been by his bedside, left to get something to eat and was told he died shortly before her returned.Watch a tribute to "Uncle Phil" here: