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11 Differences between Dating A Girl And A Woman

A boy is attracted to girls. A man is
attracted to women. Now, this has
nothing to do with the actual age of a
person. I’m referring to maturity, life
vision and stage of life. In fact, some
people regardless of their age, will never
really grow up. Also, this isn’t to say that
a woman won’t ever have “girlish” or
immature tendencies or vice versa. This
post refers to one’s maturity and most
points would also apply if you switch the
genders as well.If you are a boy, then expect that you will
attract only girls. However, if you are a
man (independent, knows your worth and
value, has a strong moral compass, is
considerate and an able communicator and
doesn’t let insecurity dominate your
psyche), then you should be dating a
woman. And if you can’t spot the
difference just yet, here are some
pointers:1. A girl throws tantrums. When
displeased, upset or angry, she reacts just
as she did as a child when she didn’t get
her way with her parents. This often
consists of screaming, pouting, givi…


President Goodluck Jonathan will on
Monday, November 4, meet with the
leadership of ASUU at the Presidential
Villa.This was part of the resolutions of the
meeting between the ASUU leadership, Vice
President Namadi Sambo and the
Supervising Minister of Education on
Tuesday as was first reported by this
medium.An official of the Vice President's office
who pleaded anonymity told Scan News
that all hands are now on deck to ensure
that the universities resume next week.The official stated that the Vice President
and the Supervising Minister of Education
have made head-way in resolving the
strike, but the final involvement of the
President is to show ASUU that there is the
commitment of the Federal Government at
the highest level.It was learnt that the President has been
fully briefed on steps taken by Vice
President Namadi Sambo and the
Supervising Minister of Education to get to
this point.It was learnt that the President will at
next Monday's meeting present to the ASUU

20 Things You Need To Do Before You Are 30

1. Discover yourself ,P.S Greatness is not measured by wealth.2. Learn how to use your gift to solve problems3. Before u clock 30, catch ideas on how to make money4. U must know d definition of love before 30 [d Love that goes beyond vapours of emotion5. A guy should learn how to propose before he turns 30. [Don't use d fake "I had a dream..." strategy]5b. At 30 you must have read a minimum of 30 books. Own a minimum of 30 books. Start ur personal library6. Before 30 u need to have a Pastor. You don't choose ur pastor, u discover him. It is not by name.7. Before u re 30 u must be known for something. Great men re not known 4 everything, they re knwn 4 specifics8. Before u re 30 u shld ve a mentor.Japanese adage: better than a thousand search is 1day with a great teacher9. You must have learned how to say no! Learn how to say no many times without feeling guilty10. You must have conquered procastination. Procastination is the lazy man's apology11. U should be free…

30 things b4 u turn 30

I took this from one of the messages that was preached by Pastor Akomaye 1. Know your specialty n master it 2. Understand n develop your creativity 3. Be married 4. Finish having kids 5. Learn how 2 manage an organization 6. Have @ least a million in an account you don’t need 7. Build a house 8. Travel 2 another country 9. Train some1 else, through school or a vocation 10. Reproduce yourself, that is mentor @ least 1 person. 11. Own a business n create a buoyant financial structure 12. Empower your intelligence: Read @ least 40 books 13. Learn a new language 14. Commit 2 a church n give regularly 15. Own your own car 16. Improve on your 1st degree, get another one 17. Be officially certified in something 18. Let a Dentist clean your teeth 19. Be in a good physical shape 20. Pay off all your debts 21. Write a book: even if u don’t publish 22. Throw yourself a fun party 23. Forgive ur parents 24. Be involved in a sport 25. Finally, quit THAT bad habit 26. Knw hw 2 change baby nappies 2…

Have you met my two dads ?

Go in My Name, declare My Word with authority and demonstrate the miracle-working power, stirring men into the fullness of God”Am a generally a nice guy so i will show you my secret to my sudden change in lifestyle.Rev. Ntia I. Ntia, is the Senior Pastor of Full Life Christian Centre, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Rev. Ntia is also the president of FULL LIFE FOUNDATION. He is an accountant by training and has been called by God into the ministry for the revival and restoration of the total man.Through his practical messages on the divine life, faith, and victory, lives are being daily stirred, revived, delivered and transformed by the preaching of the word and demonstration of the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit. He is married to Pastor Mrs.Ukamaka Ntia and they are blessed with three children, Favour, Dunamis and Dominion. Rev. & Pastor Mrs. Ntia I. Ntia, are presiding pastors of Full Life Christian Centre, Uyo Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria.Akomaye Ugar is a prolific writer, Leadersh…

Counting the Costs of ASUU Strike

As the strike embarked upon by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) continues to bite hard, Damilola Oyedele and Adebiyi Adedapo examine the implications for students and other stakeholders, with focus on University of AbujaAdejumoke Oluwalope has finished her final year second semester examination at the University of Abuja. But like many of her fellow students, she has not been mobilized to participate in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). The marking of their papers are being delayed by the ongoing strike of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).She gained admission into the Faculty of Agricultural Science in 2007, and has now spent six years for a supposedly five year programme. If the strike is called off this year, she may be mobilized in 2014 but by then, she would have spent seven years in the university.
Ibrahim Iliyasu’s story is the same and his future is being affected by the industrial action. This is because, coming from a military family backg…


It was on a Sunday Morning; 28th July, 2013.Just like every normal Sunday, I woke up, bathed, and got dressed for service.It was an Estate in Ajaokuta, Kogi state, where I came to stay with my uncle and his family, since the commencement of ASUU strike.My cousins were away, so we were just 4. My uncle, his wife, my cousins' cousin; that's to say my uncle's wife's niece; and myself.After the never-quick-ending-service was over, we returned home.I guess I'm used to 2hours sunday service in church. Anything more, I term it "Message Overload".While eating the meal, my uncle called to me, "Emma, eat hurrily, you and I are leaving for Edo by 2:00pm.".I was so excited, I'm going south for the first time.Getting back to the Dinning table, you know, I started rolling my sleeves, adjusting my collar and declared to my cousins' cousin, "I'm going to Edo today", shining my teeth alongside. "whatever", she said, jealously.I st…

OFFICIAL VIDEO : Davido[@Iam_Davido] – Skelewu

Skelewu Official VIdeo Directed By Moe Musa. HKN Music Presents the video to Davido’s Global Monster Hit “Skelewu” Song produced by HKN’s very own Shizzi.DOWNLOAD VIDEO
Davido - Skelewu ( Official Video).mp4


GUYS I BEG U ALL IN THE NAME OF LOVE1. Before U start a relationship with a
lady U must think carefully about what U
are about to
do Relationship is not
U should rush into or
handle lightly2. Are U ready for a
relationship with her?
Are U emotionally
Mentally and spiritually
Mature enough to meet her needs?3. Being s*xually attracted to her means
It isn’t a sign of likeness
Love or any other thing
Ur mind may come up with
It may just be Ur hormones
messing with Ur mind
A woman is more than her body and her
She has a life which U
should be able to blend with Can U do that?4. This lady has a history Can U handle it?
She has a past
Can U handle it?
Can U handle her mistakes
failures and
Can U handle her
dreams without being
intimidated and
becoming jealous?5. She already had a life
before she met U
Can U fit into and help
improve her life?6. Love is commitment
Are U ready to commit
Ur life to helping her grow
And become all that she can

food for champions

Rice and Beans dish is the official federal university dish,its rich in Carbohydrate and proteins and is very palatabe. This local method of enjoying beans and rice is simply yummy.Ingredients
3 cups of Rice
1 cup of Beans
1 cup Palm Oil
1 cup Crayfish, ground
Meat or goatmeat (optional)
Chilli Pepper to taste
2 Seasoning cubes
1 Onion bulb
400g Dried/ Smoked Fish
Salt to taste
3 cups of Stock
Season and cook the meat till it's soft
Fry or grill the meat
Boil the beans for about 20mins
Wash the rice properly with very hot water
Add the rice,chilli pepper, palm oil, salt, maggi cubes, onions, water and the broth
Cook for about 20mins then add the dried fish
Add more water if it is not soft
Reduce the heat and cook till it's dry
Serve with the meat.
food for champions.

Edikang Ikong(on point)

This is a highly nutritive delicacy in Akwa Ibom and Cross
River States. It is highly recommended and enjoyed in many
homes, hotels and restaurants. It can be eaten with rice or with any swallowIngredients
1kg beef
1 cup of very rich stock
10cups of pumpkin leaves, finely chopped
7cups of waterleaf or spinach, finely chopped
500g dried fish
500g stockfish, cleaned and softened
300g kpomo
1 1/2 cups crayfish, ground
Chilli pepper to taste
3 seasoning cubes
3 cups of palm oil
1 onion bulb
Salt to taste
Tip: Waterleaf has water so ensure the stock is little but rich to avoid having too much water in the soup
Wash all the ingredients thoroughly
Season and boil your meat to make your stock
When the meat is soft, add the stockfish, kpomo and cook further
When you have about one cup of water in the pot, add the pumpkin leaves and cook for about 3minutes
Add the waterleaf, crayfish and the palm oil
Cook for about 5minutes
Add the seasoning cubes and pepper
Add salt to taste

Ekpang Nkukwo(bestest meal ever)

Ekpang Nkukwo is one of the traditional delicacies of the Efiks and Ibibio and Made with cocoyam and little wateryam, this meal is relished by many and contains the basic classes of food, the flavour and taste are heavenly mouth-watering.Ingredients
1kg Cocoyam, peeled, washed and grated
100g Wateryam (optional), peeled, washed and grated
Fresh Cocoyam leaves,Spinach or Pumpkin leaves
500g Meat, Goatmeat,Snails or Fish (optional)
6 cups of Stock
2 cups Hot Water
300g Dried Fish
200g Stockfish, slightly cooked
3/4cup Crayfish
2 cups of prawns or shrimps
Chilli Pepper to taste
3 Maggi Cubes
Salt to taste
2 medium sized, Onion bulb
2 cups Palm Oil
5 cups Shelled Periwinkle (optional)
2tbsp scent leaf, chopped
Caution: Some species of cocoyam itch terribly so limit it to your palms when grating and wrapping or wear disposable gloves
Season and boil the meat to get out the stock
Cook the shelled periwinkle for aout 5 minutes in salted water and wash properly
Pour the periwinkle i…

Okon Lagos' Traditional Marriage Ceremony (Pictures) - Celebrities -

The traditional marriage ceremony of Nollywood actor, Ime Bishop Umoh a.k.a Okon Lagos took place yesterday Thursday 17th October 2013 at Christ The King School, Barracks Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. The hilarious actor legalized his marriage to former Miss Idara Saviour amidst fans, friends, family members and colleagues. The couple showed love to each other while their guests watched them exchange marital vows between each other. The lovers are now legally husband and wife. Here are pictures of that event...

ASUU to meet over strike, says not under pressure

THE National Strike Coordinating Committee, NSCC, comprising of principal officers and Zonal Coordinators of Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU will be meeting Saturday to take stock of the ongoing strike embarked by the union that is entering the fourth months.
Meantime, ASUU said that it was not under any pressure to call-off the strike despite what it called sponsored protests and rallies against the union, stressing that before the union decided to embark on the strike, it holistically took objective assessment of the situation.
One of the branch Chairmen of ASUU and member of NSCC who spoke exclusively to Saturday Vanguard on the condition of anonymity said that the meeting will take place in Ondo state and that there would be a situation report including the meeting representatives of ASUU had with the Federal government last week’s Friday.
He said,”We are meeting tomorrow, National Strike Coordinating Committee. Tomorrow is arrival. Our Pri…


Are they so cocooned in their
own affairs and interest alone but merely
wear the garb of fighting for the course of
students?How can they answer to God for the
students who have died in one ugly
circumstance or the other since the
commencement of this strike? What about
the young men and women whose future
dreams and aspirations now hang in the
balance since the strike became an anemia?
Can they present a reasonable case apart
from asking us to blame the government
and listing the government’s recklessness
with funds and the deluxe lifestyles of
politicians? Many people have often said
that, “if they want to become politicians,
they should quit their jobs and register
with political parties to test their
popularity in elections”. While I have never
fancied such statement in the past, I
cannot help but subscribe to it. Being in the
academia is a whole different thing from
being in the political class and as far as I
am concerned, I consider the academic a
more prestigious place to be t…


I have no problem with Unionism. Perhaps I
should say that any right thinking person
should and ought not to be exasperated by
an active and fair unionism. If anything,
it demands our collective support as
citizens and most especially among the
citizens of the ‘fourth estate of the
realm’.With all their faults and imperfections,
trade unions have done more than
exceedingly for humanity than any other
organization of men that ever existed.
They have done more for decency, for
honesty, for education, for the
betterment of the human race, for the
development of character in man than any
other association of men.In a democratic dispensation like ours, the
roles of trade unions cannot be
overemphasized. Apart from acting as a
tool by which the labor rights of employees
are not carelessly violated at the hands of
their employers, they have also served as a
watch-dog on the activities of
government, playing oversight functions
and being a constant check on the excesses
of the govern…

VIDEO:Gov.Liyel Imoke invites all to Cross River State for the 2nd edition of the Cross River Movie Awards.

Hello people,If you were or weren't at the Prolific 1st
Edition of the CROSS RIVER MOVIE
AWARD....Watch what went down......
Download Shows#stormblast#diamondtrut


Hi dt readers just saw this post on nairaland,and it got me thinking alot.
"Students of nowadays are just dull. Only students can make ASUU cal of dis try. Yes, d universities need attention but we shudnt forget its same universities dat has produced billions of graduates includin d President. Y wudnt they be considerate nd folo d FG wit dia pace, nd let tins gradually take place. D moni may b available but we shud undastand economics, if such moni is released at once nd pumped into d economy, it wil definitely cripple it. I guess dat must b among d reasons d FG are givin...
I urge students to wake up nd fight for dia future, ASUU members have a future already, FG members have dias already, so while play with ours. Even in d current universities state, wot are lecturers teachin? All are just lazy. Most of my lecturers are stil dictatin dia notes dey used during undagrad to students. Is it wen d structures improve dat dey wil improve too?" what do u think?


Following two meetings (on Thursday 19th
Sept 2013 and Friday 11th Oct 2013) of
representatives of the AVCNU (Association
of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian
Universities, led by CVC Chairman, Prof.
Hamisu of ATBU) and ASUU Representatives
(led by its President, Dr. N. Fagge) with
the Vice-President of the Federal Republic
of Nigeria, Arc. N. Sambo, Minister of
Education Barr. N. Wike and others, all
Vice-Chancellors have been urged to inform
and enlighten our academic and other
staff on the following developments so
that we can ensure a return to normalcy in
our universities within the shortest possible
time1. Earned Allowances: The N30 billion
already released will now be increased to
N40 billion, and should be regarded only as
first installment, and not a once-and-for-all payment. Government will top it up
with further releases once universities are
through with the disbursement of this new
figure of N40 million, so Vice-Chancellors
are urged to expedite this disbursement
within the sh…


what did you think.

14 Celebs Who Have Refused To Age

As DIAMONDTRUT continues to strive in its effort to bring you the best in entertainment, DIAMONDTRUT has once again come up with the photos of 14 Celebrities Who have refused to Age. But because I believe you know the celebs I didn’t bother including their names. The photos are courtesy Check it out.

Diamondtrut thanksgiving

omgosh,Am so happy,just hit my 100 post today and counting,thanks to God and you all for checking my blog,its been amazing just also hit my 3000 view and counting,so i know y'all are behind me thanks and i pray that God blesses my mind,heart and fingers to keep on blogging,thanks and God bless,love y'all.


Cross River State welcomes you to the Africa International Film Fest.


The Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) has announced it final selection for the 2013 film programme. Coming on the heels of the surprise withdrawal of the last week of the 'Half of a Yellow Sun' from the programme, The AFRIFF programme line up did not disappoint, annoucing the inclusion of solid titles like  'Mother of George', 'Virgin Magarida', 'Confusion Na wa' etc. Speaking on selecting films for the programme, Keith Shiri, festival Programmer and Jury Coordinator, had this to say. “ With so many entries and very few slots available it sometimes can become a daunting task to decide what to select and what to keep out. It was indeed a hard process. As we were inundated with amazing films from many parts of the continent. This year’s programme works in many levels from Andrew Dosunmu’s dazzling array of rich colours in his visually pleasing Mother of George to Chika Anadu’s B for Boy a debut feature and realist drama that questions Nigeria’s …

PHOTO:Peter of Psquare turns lecturer

hmmmm this is cool,psquare giving a lecture on entrepreneurship,omo this young man is not only amazing in their art but also wonder they are the richest in the music industry in the way ASUU watch out.

ASUU STRIKE Latest: FG, ASUU Meet Again Presidential Villa To End Strike

Vice President Namadi Sambo led the Federal Government team in a renewed negotiation with ASUU to resolve the lingering strike that has crippled the universities.
The meeting held at Aguda house, Presidential Villa on Friday.
In attendance on the part of the Federal Government were the Supervising Minister of Education, Barr. Nyesom Wike, Executive Secretary of National Universities Commission, NUC, Prof. Julius Okojie and technical staff of the Federal Ministry of Education.
Scan-News gathered that ASUU President, Dr Nasir Isa Fagge and his executives were accompanied to the meeting by Committee of Vice Chancellors leadership.
It was learnt that an earlier meeting between Barr. Wike and ASUU leadership teased out areas of possible concession of both sides.
Scan News gathered the Federal Government may concede to ASUU the right to participate as a major stakeholder in the execution of NEEDS Implementation Projects in the universities.
ASUU had complained that the Suswam Committee excl…


Oga president,First of all I hail ooo! I no say u no dey
cary last. You be confirm warri pikin. But
ur middle name Ebele means mercy and
make u pity ur children settle their
lecturers naa! The matter neva tire u?
Suppose say ur pikin wey u born for belle
follow us dey house, Sheeh you for never
answer our we lecturers them? Una say
make we bone kidnapping, militant things
and all the bad bad things go enter school,
now now na una com dey f**k up. All the
things wey them lecturers don teash us for
klass we don forget am finish. Last last,
na una go still call us "half-baked", "half-roasted", abi na "half-fried". Na una sabi.Them talk say person no fit run pass him
shadow. We go dey lasgidi dey for you. Na
ur time be dis use am well, but we go catch
you for 2015. U don forget say youths na
we dey vote pass. Na we too dey snatch
ballot box, dey do rally and som kain
kukere things them wey them dey take win
election. U go still nid our help. That time
too we …