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50 shades of grey

I think that our cultural definition of “love” is a little messy.Of course, maybe it has been that way for a while. However, the recent release of “Fifty Shades of Grey” automatically associated the film with the things that Valentine’s Day is traditionally meant to celebrate: romance, tenderness, generosity and so forth.News outlets often threw around the word “love” when describing it. What the film itself celebrates, however, is something totally different: lust.I’m not here to get on a soapbox about “Fifty Shades of Grey” as that’s something the rest of the Internet has already done. But, I think it’s time we talk about the messages that culture is sending us about human intimacy. The thing we call “love” — what is it?Well, first it’s not lust.Lust is something totally different from love, though we tend to associate the two feelings because they so often accompany one another.We entangle them in our minds and we see that entanglement reflected back to us in popular culture every …

Why A Woman With More Drive Than You Is The Motivation Every Man Needs

People aren’t as different as most would like to believe. Yes, we come from different cultures, hold different values and have learned different lessons from a variety of situations. Nevertheless, the reasoning behind it all is rather universal.There are multitudes of people with diverse personalities: those with a clear understanding of what they want from life and have the drive to achieve it; those who know what they want from of life, but can’t find a good enough reason to pursue it; those who don’t know what they want, or just don’t care.If you’re looking for a partner, there’s an obvious winner, especially if you’re a man — mainly, because men are usually lazier than women and need a little extra push.Plus, finding a female partner who outshines you is a good jab at the ego — and something you can turn into a great source of motivation.We could all use a bit of motivation.One of the most difficult things in life is finding a good reason to do the less-than-pleasant things.We wor…

The Real Reasons Why Women Choose Assh*les Instead Of Nice Guys

Why do I always go for assh*les?” is a question many women frequently ask themselves, usually after a man wronged them in some way.It’s a phrase that is echoed way too often, one that has shown up repeatedly in group text messages. It’s choked out through teary conversations and is usually the catalyst to indulging in a bag of peanut M&M’s, a pizza, vodka or all three.“Where are all the nice guys?” is a question many women ponder as habitually as the above. It is, at times, an incomprehensible thought that reverberates in our minds and the answer to which seems to be virtually unknown.Females crave to be treated with respect and kindness and claim to want the quintessential “nice guy,” a man with good morals and superb tact who regards others with the utmost of respect.He will open car doors, call instead of text and send your mother flowers on her birthday. He will talk sports with your brother, take your younger sister out for ice cream and receive your father’s approval.He cros…



Bobby Brown is adamant ... he doesn't want to take his daughter Bobbi Kristina off life support because he believes in God-driven miracles.

Bobby's feelings are not shared by doctors, who have advised him she will not improve and pulling life support is an appropriate action. But Brown and his family -- who are deeply religious -- believe doctors cannot account for miracles ... miracles the family has seen before.

We're told Bobbi Kristina's condition has remained the same since Monday morning ... her brain functions are minimal and there has been no improvement.

Family sources say this has been an ongoing discussion and they believe Brown could come around to thedoctor's point of view as time goes on ... but as of late Thursday he's not budging.

When his daughter was transferred to Emory University Hospital Tuesday Brown was hopeful the renowned staff could do something, but the fact that there's been no change is what doctors believe is the handwrit…

Must read; A Humble Advice for all nigerian students that just Graduated

I got this post by ebuka obi of nairaland; Personally, I must start by saying a BIG Congratulations to you my dear fellow graduates! The journey that started like Four, Five or Six years ago has come to an end. You are alive to witness it? Now thats the best testimony! I might not have silver nor gold to dash you on this very day, but I have taken my time to pass this advice across to you. Read, chew and digest!1). At this stage? You cannot really make amends with the grade you just graduated with! The First Class, Second Class Upper, Second Class Lower, Third Class ...etc or what ever you graduated with today has come to stay. Be it bad or good? Accept it! Don't blame any person. Thats the first step. You got the '3rd Class' not 'they' gave me '3rd Class.'. 2). My Brothers and Sisters, there is this slogan that 'no matter the economy of the jungle, the Lion will never eat grass.' Let me tell you the truth and nothing else than the truth. After grad…

Nollywood actress engaged on her birthday party to popular comedian

So last night in calabar at transcorp metropolitan hotel,Last prophet and joy nwoke decided to take things to the next level.wishing him and his wify to be a beautiful wonderful life together. Cheers Pics below;