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Pearl Consult presents WHO KES STAND-UP COMEDY "live concert"

So calabar is going to be having a live concert on comedy with GUEST COMEDIANS from Lagos, Ph, Warri & Calabar.....
Comedians also performing are;
Mc Koliko(warri)
Amebo (lagos)
Mc Adviser (ph)
Sir James (Uyo)
Mc Gentle (Awka)
Roby Ekpo, Prof Aboki, Last prophet, HOD, Mbakara, A1,
Daady Jay, Elder Josiah, Koboko, Jc jokes, Owondo,
MUSIC By; Simeon Douglas.                                
DANCE CREWS; Beat Mastaz & Mad X...#TeamWhoKesStandUpComedyLiveConcert.    #diamondtrutblogDATE; 31st May 2015
VENUE; Pearl Ball Room Transcorp Hotel
GATE FEE; 50k Table//5k Vip//1k Regular 08069027063//08114600556
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Scariest math in the world

Please what kind of mathematics is this it worked for me try it,kinda scarry:Do u knw ur shoe size can tell ur age?
Grab ur calculator nd try dis
Here is how it goes.
1.Take ur shoe size.
2.Multiply by 5
3.Add 50
4.Multiply by 20
5.Add 1015
6.Subtract de year u were born.
U will get 4 digits
De 1st two is ur shoe size nd de last two is ur age.
Plz reply me if am correct!😜😜😀😀


wow missed, blogging been a while been so  busy with only GOD knows but such is life,so how have you guys been,this online world is just wonderful,anyways i've been depressed for a while due to unforseen circumstances so my friend to me a secret which i have always known guess what the secret is let me keep you guessing for a while,naaaaa u should have guessed it,yes WORDS been so negative lately only GOD knows why,when she said that i remembered my mentor telling me that my strength  and power comes from my tongue,i never used to be like this i believe from today i should start staying positive atleast the last couple of hours havnt been that bad.been listening to good music and leaving life positively.stay scheming guys

Why Self-Love Is The Only Love You’ll Ever Need

There’s a very big difference between what we need and what we want Your heart will always remain intact. Even when someone tries to break it, the pain won’t feel so overwhelming.There have been times I got so wrapped up in other people that I lost sight of why I wanted them in my life in the first place. I had just subconsciously decided I needed them. It’s taken me many years to learn that deriving pleasure from being around other people and needing company to feel happy are two very different things. I’ve discovered that complete self-love is the only way I will ever feel truly fulfilled. Self-love comes in different forms. There’s taking some “me time” to relax and recharge, and there’s splurging on something pretty just because it makes you feel good. The most important kind, however, is the one that ensures your security and confidence as a person. Why is self-love so important? 1. If you only rely on yourself for love, then you will always be fulfilled. I’m not saying you won’t…