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IN MY DREAMS SHEEEYYYY,i wished the nigerian university hostels were like this even if twas their scholarship hostels it wouldnt be bad naaa,but its sad to say  the day a nigerian hostels change like this with good facilities in our schools i might go back t school AGAIN.


What is wrong with this people,some times i wish i could port to another country like canad,if you ask this people how much they collected it wouldnt pass 1000 naira for this rubish,nigerians stop selling ourselves short,lets go sane please. vote goodluck please o i no go fit run wen febauri take control o


Lil Waynewill stay with Cash Money and BirdmanIF they ante up the money he's owed ... in fact, we're told if Cash Money pays up, Wayne has no choice but to stay. 

Sources involved in the case tell TMZ ... Wayne feels Birdman's decision to avoid paying him is nothing more than a power play. TMZ broke the story that Wayne is suing, and a central claim is that Birdman has consistently stiffed him over the last year. 

There are 2 payments that have irked Wayne -- he says he was owed $8 million when he went into the studio to record "Tha Carter V" in December 2013, and another $2 mil when he completed the album last month.

We're told the hope is that Universal -- which distributes Cash Money Records -- will step in and earmark the $10 mil for Wayne. And we're told Universal is already putting pressure on Cash Money to settle. 

If Cash Money pays Wayne the $10 mil, it would essentially eliminate any breach of contract. That means Wayne would have no legal basis to …


WOW,Justin Bieber is making a very emotional and thought-provoking apology to his fans -- but what's unclear is exactly WHY he's doing it.
In his confession, Justin says "I was afraid of what people are thinking about me right now."

JB added ... he wanted everyone to know he's not the type of person to say, "I don't give a f**k" -- or at least he isn't anymore. Watch the video

7 Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Out Of Whack

When your blood sugar is not stabilized, it can affect every aspect of your daily life. Your organs, emotions, and mental state can be impacted. There are many tell-tale signs that your blood sugar is out of balance. Here are just a few of the top indicators.

1. You feel “off” if you haven’t eaten recently.

A typical diet should include three healthy meals per day, as well as two small snacks. If you are eating this amount and feel disoriented between meals, your blood sugar could be dangerously high or low.

2. You’re gaining weight around your mid-section.

Insulin resistance is a common cause of weight gain in the stomach area. An increase in insulin levels due to the inability to process carbohydrates can lead to the creation of excess fat.

3. You have a massive sweet tooth.

Refined sugars are acceptable in moderation, but a constant craving for sugar is not normal. The body craves sugar in response to a drop in glucose levels which is an early warning sign of Type 2 diabetes.

4. You feel …

Pics:Tiwa savage and tee expecting in 2015

Awwwww,2015 has started on a very beautiful note tiwa just posted her baby bumb pics congrats to teebillz and tiwa savage.Its really a gud year.